Last week we experienced history as we tuned in to watch the second impeachment trial for Donald J. Trump. And there’s no doubt that the entire impeachment trial process was political from beginning to end, especially since the verdict of the trial came out along party lines and because it was supposed to be a political trial at its core, as all impeachment trials are. But how much of the truth and relevant facts of the trial were sacrificed on the biased political stage? 

Watching the trial made me wonder: is there a way to write about Trump’s second impeachment trial without being partisan or using partisan terms and phrases? Is there a way to write about the trial without referring to Republicans or Democrats, or without using colorful language that embellishes either side of the partisan argument? Would this more nonpartisan writing approach make the argument for impeachment indisputable and more clear-cut?  

This week I want to write an essay about the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump. But I’m going to attempt to write this essay without focusing on party politics. And I’m going to attempt to leave out partisan adjectives, terms, phrases, etc. 

Is this even possible? We shall see…

First, I’m going to find articles about the impeachment trial that were written from the perspective of both sides of the political aisle. I’ll copy-paste those articles in a separate document for my own eyes only. And then I’ll remove all adjectives offering unnecessary embellishments, partisan terms, phrases, etc. from the copy-pasted text. 

Next, I’ll research relevant documents and facts available to the public from the trial during the trial, while working with that copy-pasted and edited text, to write my own nonpartisan essay about Trump’s second impeachment trial. Or at least, I’ll try to write such a nonpartisan essay, assuming it’s even possible. 

The point of this writing exercise? To see what true nonpartisan coverage of Trump’s second impeachment trial would look like (assuming such coverage is even possible when writing about an inherently political trial) while simultaneously taking a more in-depth look at the facts and evidence that was offered and or discussed and debated during the trial. 

Stay tuned for my completed essay on Trump’s second impeachment trial. It’ll be posted on the blog on Friday. 

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