Today’s Writing Prompt: Write About The Pegasus Project And Surveillance 

Today, write about your thoughts and feelings on the recent Pegasus spyware controversy, and how the spyware was used to hack into the smartphones of journalists and activists worldwide. And consider our current age of surveillance in general. 

What level of surveillance do you think should be present in a “free” society? Who do you think should be surveilling whom? 

Feel free to write an article, a blog post, a short story (etc.), for today’s writing prompt, as long as it captures your thoughts and feelings on the recent Pegasus spyware controversy, and or your general thoughts and feelings on our current age of surveillance. 

Since the invention of the smartphone, and the widespread use of Wi-Fi, cybersecurity has become hyper-prevalent in our everyday data-driven lives. But were you aware of just how much? And who has access to what? Or why they may want or need such access? 

As you complete today’s writing prompt, also consider The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Inspiration For Today’s Writing Prompt

Check out the following sources as you start today’s writing prompt. 

“Our society is not one of spectacle but of surveillance”

Michel Foucault

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