Today’s Writing Prompt: Write About Someone Different From You Whom You Want To Learn From

Today, write about someone different from you, whom you want to learn from this week. Try to think about someone you can learn from whom you’re not used to learning from. Try to choose someone who has a very different background than you. And later this week you can take time to reflect on this experience.  

For centuries we’ve lauded and revered the wisdom of ancient philosophers. We’ve also had fairly consistent (even archaic and patriarchal?) ways of learning, and ideas about whom we should be learning from. But ancient philosophers certainly aren’t the only individuals worth learning from today. Don’t you agree?  

Inspiration For Today’s Writing Prompt

As you think of whom you want to learn from this week, consider individuals who have a different background from you. For example, consider learning from someone who grew up on a different continent, who has a very different occupation from you, who looks different from you, who has different beliefs than you do, etc.    

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” 

Bill Nye

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