Today’s Writing Prompt: Write About A Modern Trend Or Invention That Makes No Sense To You 

Some of us are trendier than others. And we don’t all agree on what’s trend-worthy. Today, take a moment to think about a trend or invention that makes no sense to you, such as glitter beards, live pet jewelry, the Snuggie… 

Why do you think this trend took off? Or why was the invention that makes no sense to you created? Humor? Functionality? Boredom? Utility? 

As you write about this, you’ll gain insight into some individuals’ entrepreneurial motivations or intentions. Or perhaps you can take this opportunity to vent (hopefully with a bit of humility and humor)… 

Inspiration for Today’s Writing Prompt

Check out Khabane Lame’s TikTok for a little inspiration with this writing prompt. 

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