Today’s Writing Prompt: Write A Proposal To Your Local Community About Something You Can Do To Combat Climate Change or Save the Environment

Combating climate change and saving the environment can seem like a behemoth task to tackle, especially if you’re only one person. And you’re not also a scientist or public land expert, etc. However, real and lasting change happens all the time with small and persistent efforts. Small and persistent efforts can and do add up and contribute to larger efforts. So today, write a proposal to your local community about something you can do to combat climate change or save the environment. 

FYI: This week’s writing prompts will focus on combating climate change and saving the environment, so stay tuned. 

Inspiration For Today’s Writing Prompt

To get started with this writing prompt, start thinking of small things your local community can do to combat climate change and or save the environment, like the following:

  • Reduce water waste (i.e. install fake turf, install low-flow toilets…)
  • Recycle recyclable materials 
  • Install energy efficient appliances
  • Power homes with renewable energy 

And think of incentives you can offer residents who complete the items on your list. To keep it simple, consider only including one task in your proposal and then build on that. 

Here are some resources to look at when writing the proposal for your community project: How to write a proposal for development work in your community and 10+ Community Project Proposal Templates – PDF, Word

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