Today’s Writing Prompt: Write A Letter To One Of Your Nation’s Founders

If you had the opportunity to write a letter to one of the people who helped found your nation, what would your message include? Would you applaud or admonish that person? Offer that person warnings or glimpses into a nation with a bright future? To whom would you write your letter?

Today, reflect on some of your nation’s founders, and write a letter to one of them. 

While many letters written to your nation’s founders might be grateful and optimistic, many might also offer warnings or reprimands. Especially in countries like the U.S., where the “freedom” touted in its founding documents did not immediately apply to all people who lived inside the United States (e.g. slaves, women, indentured servants, those who did not own land, Native Americans, …).  

Inspiration For Today’s Writing Prompt

As you select whom you want to write your letter to, consider some of the Daily Drafts & Dialogues writing prompts you’ve completed earlier this week and what you’ve already uncovered about your nation and its more notable actors. 

Here are a few interesting sources to get you started, so you can think about what you’re going to write, as well as to whom. 

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