Today I did an extraordinary yet not-so-extraordinary thing. I deleted around 150 blog posts from my website’s blog roll– all of the blog posts I have written for this website so far. And I didn’t even bat an eyelash while doing it. Why? Because I asked myself: what is my blog good for?

It’s time to ask yourself: What is your blog good for?

Over the past couple of years, I have been running various tests with the content and posts on my blog to gain insight. And all I’ve really discovered is that blogging is its own curious form of writing, with its own set of rules. Rules they certainly did not cover in grad school or college.

In fact, blogging successfully requires you to follow certain rules that might get you dismissed from grad school or college– at least, from courses that focus on writing.

Also, keeping a blog isn’t incredibly desirable for those of us, like me, who aren’t exactly extroverted online.

Oddly enough, I’m more extroverted in person than I am online, which I don’t believe is the norm. I am hoping to rectify that, however. Hence, why I’m still working on this blog.

There are many types of blogs out there. I’ve even written for quite a few of them. But this one—this one is mine. It’s a good place to draft some of my thoughts and creative works. I might get some useful engagement and feedback in the process too. It’ll also serve as a live writing diary of sorts, to keep me honest and always writing.

That is what my blog is good for. What about your blog? What is it good for? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page or share your response on social media.

#DailyDraftsAndDialogues : Do you #write for, or manage, a blog? When’s the last time you asked yourself: what is your #blog good for?

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