The summer is ending and so are many county fairs across the US. Today’s writing prompt will be about county fairs and capturing their overall ambiance, with a bit of a twist. Keep reading to see today’s full writing prompt.

Created by K.E. Creighton in Canva

Today’s Writing Prompt: Trouble at the county fair

Today’s writing prompt is about capturing the full ambiance of a place, the county fair, and its more sinister ambiance. County fairs can be a lot of fun, but they’re also crowded and noisy and can be dangerous.

Before you begin completing this writing prompt, consider the overall ambiance of a county fair– all the smells, sights, sounds, and tastes. Close your eyes and see if you can envision yourself being there. Next, consider what would scare you at the county fair or what would create anxiety for you there if you were a child. And then start writing from the first-person perspective of a child.

If you complete this writing prompt, be sure to share your draft with members of our writing community. We’d love to read it! Be sure to tag #DailyDraftsAndDialogues and @kecreighton on Medium, WordPress, or Facebook, so we can read what you write for this writing prompt. Get creative! Let’s see how many different versions of this prompt can be written.

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