Whether you’re a fan of Donald Trump or not, you can’t deny the historic significance of his indictment and arrest on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. It’s not every day that you see a sitting or former U.S. president arrested. And there’s a lot to process when considering his arrest, but also not, at the same time. Simply put, in the U.S., no one is above the law. Although, U.S. law is constantly evolving in a more equitable and logical direction, or should be, if it’s to stand the test of time.

Make no mistake. Now is the time to keep our eyes and ears open, to ensure our legal system meets this moment and all its challenges head-on with a clear and steady intellectual and emotional constitution (pun intended). And that it doesn’t fall prey to juvenile pulls toward vindictiveness and pettiness. Or that it isn’t rushed or drawn out. The future standing of our entire criminal legal system depends on Trump receiving a fair trial, and that the evidence in the trial speaks for itself.

Listen, I am not a fan of Trump, didn’t vote for him, and never will. I was one of the first people in 2015 to voice my concerns over how dangerous he was and how people needed to stop laughing at the probability that he could be nominated and yes, even win the 2016 presidential election. No one was really listening to me then and everyone was too busy being entertained— just as they might be now. And that can be incredibly problematic if we allow ourselves to get too carried away. Spouting vitriol and mocking Trump or others involved in the trial now (or ever) is only going to make those who do support Trump double down in their support and fight harder, forever casting him as some type of martyr or hero. And it will only encourage those who oppose him to get lost in tactics that aren’t based on facts or evidence, legal precedent, or practical needed legal evolution– with balanced humility and reason.

Yes, I am encouraging everyone to be humble right now, on all sides of the political aisle. Because our legal system and the people who represent it and depend on it, as well as democracy itself, are all being tested right now, in more ways than one to be sure, but especially regarding how Trump’s trial is conducted. If this trial isn’t fair and just, then what will things look like in the future?

One quick note: Of course, this trial is political. Why wouldn’t it be? And why are people harping on that fact, like it shouldn’t be? First, Trump is a political figure. So, anything tied to him will be political and remain in the political sphere. There’s no way around that. And second, not to get too philosophical here… but anything regarding rules and regulations (laws) about human behavior and conduct and freedom will certainly be political, as we are bound to have political assessments of them. Our entire criminal justice system is political. But there is so much to unpack there, that I will have to expand more on that thought at some other time…

Put more succinctly, my thoughts on Donald Trump’s indictment are: Don’t let your individual leanings toward Trump (whether positive or negative) cloud your concern over him getting a fair trial that puts justice for all living and not yet born citizens at the forefront. Now is the time to be humble, focused, and steady, and look at our criminal legal system thoroughly and justly.

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