Nature has inspired poetry for centuries. And there’s no need to stop letting it inspire us now. Keep reading to see today’s full writing prompt, The Wind: A Poem, and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: The Wind

Write a poem about the wind. Be as creative as possible. Create any type of poem you want, as long you capture the essence of the wind in what you write. This writing prompt is intended to spur your creativity. You don’t need to be an expert poet in order to feel inclined to complete it. Just experiment with words a little bit and see what happens.

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

The Wind: A Poem, by K.E. Creighton

Fast and furious. Or steady and slow. Engulfed. I feel your appeal to the essence of nature’s intuitiveness. Unknown. Forever unknowable. By way of traditional senses. Formidable.

I can trace your temperature with my body. But will never be able to hold you when I reach out. My hands will always fall through your power. Only to be led and never to lead. Your natural force is endless. And endlessly. Unseen. Until after you’ve gleaned all you pass over.

Always elusive and fleeting. A permanence profoundly explicit. If unseen. You wreck. And heal. You elicit. And evolve. You confound. And compose. Me.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

Notes on Completing this Writing Prompt

I’m not sure if what I wrote above could be considered a poem. But it was nice to get creative for a moment and not care about any rules while I was writing it. It’s liberating to forget rules for a while when writing any type of draft and really does spur creativity, even if what you write is very rough. I highly recommend it.

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