Today’s post, The Lost Manuscript, is based on a writing prompt I shared last week in the Daily Drafts & Dialogues Writers group. Hopefully, it helps spur your creativity today too.

Writing Prompt: The Lost Manuscript

Write about a writer who loses the only copy of their completed book manuscript.

The Lost Manuscript by K.E. Creighton

A few weeks after her funeral, we decided to clean out her closets. It was finally time to sell her little bungalow in the valley. No one in the family was attached to it anyway. Because she had only been living in it for the past few years, long after all us kids left the nest. Little did we know the memories it would wind up holding.

My sister found it first. The printed manuscript was titled Stories for the Kids and was on a shelf in the closet in the spare room. Its pages were full of the stories she had told us as children, at bedtime and during long car rides. There was one about a baby giraffe learning how to walk. Another about a nun who plays baseball. Another about a rainy trip to the beach. And more.

The dedication of the manuscript read, “For by babies’ babies, so the important stories and memories don’t get lost.”

[I took this writing prompt in a different direction, but still kind of like where it ended up.]

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