Today is the last day of 2022. Let’s celebrate the approaching new year by imagining new beginnings. Today’s writing prompt is all about hope. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: The First Day of a New Beginning

Today, write about a character who is starting a new beginning of some sort. Perhaps they’re moving? Perhaps they’re starting a new career? Whatever you write, convey hope in what you write today.

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

The First Day of a New Beginning, by K.E. Creighton

I sip my hazelnut coffee and open my laptop. Work notifications no longer clutter my screen. And I no longer have dozens of emails to respond to before eight a.m. All I see is a blank screen and a blinking cursor, a blank canvas to begin a new type of work.

I take another sip of my coffee, then a deep breath. I hear the birds chirping outside my window. They used to annoy me during video meetings. But now they’re announcing new life in my day, my work, my life. I relax my shoulders. I steady my hands and eyes and focus.

I start typing and everything fades away. I get lost in my new work, in the words, in the day. And before I know it, I have twenty pages to claim.

Tomorrow I will have already started and will no longer be at the beginning. Of my work or of this phase of my life. Because the hardest part, to start, is done. What a relief.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

Notes on Completing this Writing Prompt

I’ll never forget the first day I decided to write for a living, after leaving my corporate job. It wasn’t easy and was nerve-wracking. But all I could do was start writing, one word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time– especially after all the sacrifices I had made. And I had no choice but to take it moment by moment and day by day. Then over time, things started to happen. First, it was just little things, little wins, and moments of recognition and writing gigs that kept me going. But then those little things grew into bigger things and bigger gigs. And before you know it, I realized I had made a career as a writer.

As long as you write every day, it will eventually start to feel normal and routine. You’ll begin to crave your writing time. And then, your career as a writer will invent itself.

Here’s to hoping your new year is full of the writing time you crave. Welcome, 2023!

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  1. It had been one of the worst days at work since the merger. The head office was demanding a big production jump before the end of the year, and the goals seemed to go up higher every year. “Anything to keep Wall Street happy!” That was the motto he and the other sales reps mentioned to each other in the break room. Only the veterans seemed to get vacation this time of year!
    He was told that his numbers were the top of the department for the year, but the bonuses would probably not be going out. They came up about 2% shy of goal, so only the regular holiday pay applied. The resume he sent to a recruiter last month got some nibbles, but nothing definite.
    His son was okay with his scholarship, but his daughter was determined to go to that high-end university out of state. Her grades were only good enough for a partial scholarship, so it seemed as though he and his wife would need to make up the difference.
    The last event of the year was the retirement party for Martin, the great old rep that everyone had rallied around when he nearly lost his daughter and grandson to an auto accident. Now, with both home and healthy, Martin was ready to call it a career. He had confided in Martin about putting his resume out, and Martin said he might be able to help.
    The party went well, and his gift to Martin and his wife was well received. He figured to have some cake and coffee, and try to meet his wife at Luigi’s for dinner and a New Year’s Eve party. He hoped to arrive by 9:00 PM to keep their reservation.
    He shook Martin’s hand and nodded to his wife, who was almost as sweet as Martin. Martin handed him a business card. which he put in his wallet as he headed to the parking garage. He used the GPS system to steer him around the NYE traffic, which was crazy this time of year.
    As he handed the keys to the valet, and took the ticket. he managed to kiss his wife at 8:55. Their reservation was still good, so they were seated immediately. His third quarter bonus had gone to pay off some bills, and to pay for this dinner. They had their first date here, and now was time for their 25th anniversary.
    The appetizer and main course were incredible. The cannoli was a nice amaretto, and the Italian coffee blend topped off the vino nicely. He managed to steer the conversation away from the job issues, and kept the kids the main topic. His wife made a point of stating the obvious, that their daughter’s tuition and other school fees would not be cheap. He could feel the pressure on him like a vice!
    After dinner, they joined the rest of the guests for dancing. They decided to enjoy the party and leave the home issues for tomorrow. They counted down to midnight, and kissed long and deep. He had a strong feeling everything would be alright.
    The next morning saw the family enjoying Mom’s terrific New Year’s brunch, strawberry waffles and sliced ham. College football games filled the afternoon, with some touch football in the park later. After dinner, he looked over his email. His recruiter told him to call him first thing tomorrow.
    Somehow, the recruiter knew about the business card in his back pocket! He told him to pull it out and call the name on the card at 3. The name on the card was the same last name as Martin! He could hardly concentrate on work, but since he was off at 3, the call was easy to make.
    The hiring manager for the firm was Randy. Randy had heard of my learning the art of sales from his father, and they needed a sales supervisor. He assured me of full benefits and the salary was double what he was making. He promised to call him back the next day, after talking to his wife.
    Dinner was lively, since his son and daughter had left for school. His wife was elated, and wanted him to take the new position. He had promised Randy to get back to him by 3 the next day, so they celebrated with some cake and coffee.
    When he arrived at work the next day, his boss asked to see him. He walked in and closed the door, then sat patiently while his boss finished up a conference call. Ron looked at him intently, and asked if he had been hunting around for another job. He told Ron that this kind of question was not appropriate in the workplace. Ron examined his face, then told him that the company was being sold to an overseas conglomerate. The entire division was to be reorganized, and no one’s job was safe.
    He asked Ron why he had been told now, instead of receiving an email from corporate. Ron sighed and stated that corporate didn’t want to lose him, due to his performance this past year. Ron pulled an envelope out of his desk, and it was a contract to keep him on as a sales consultant for the next year, at twice the salary.
    He studied the contract, which included a silver parachute package and full benefits. He realized that if he stayed, he was only guaranteed employment for one year. He told Ron that he wanted to speak with his wife, and Ron shook his hand. Ron told him how sorry he was, and that the email from corporate was due out tomorrow.
    He finished his day, and contacted his recruiter with the news. The recruiter knew that if he stayed, there would be no commission. However, he said it was completely up to him. He thanked his recruiter, and called his wife with the good news. She was quiet for a moment, then stated she wanted him to take the new job. He agreed, and dropped his resignation on Ron’s desk. Ron sighed and congratulated him on the new position.
    News of the selloff and of his resignation went over like a lead balloon. The next two weeks were quiet mostly, but some gossip and toxic words were exchanged. He kept his head down and slugged on through the last day. The concern on the faces of his colleagues was difficult to watch, but he knew he was doing the right thing for his family.
    As he finished his last day, Ron and the office brought him a “Good-Bye” cake and finger foods in the break room. Gifts and cards were abundant, and the last to leave was Ron. He has spoken to his recruiter and Randy, and per their approval, handed Randy’s business card to Ron. Ron’s eyes began to mist, and confided in him that his position was being eliminated.
    He walked with Ron to his car, and Ron thanked him profusely. As he watched Ron drive away, he slowly walked to his car. He handed his ID tag to Marvin at the security gate. Marvin took a selfie with him in front of the company sign. After thanking Marvin, he drove home and enjoyed a nice long weekend before beginning the next chapter of his career.

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