The aim of this book club, created by K.E. Creighton, is to read and discuss works by authors representing different genres, styles, backgrounds, and voices.

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Each month we read the following picks together:

  • TBR Pile Challenge Pick
  • Genre Pick
  • Social Perspectives Pick
  • Read-Around-the-World Pick
  • Book of the Month Pick
  • Popular Picks (when applicable)

While there are at least five options to read every month, it’s up to you if you want to read some of them or all of them with us every month. No pressure! Join book discussions whenever and however you want.

We will always vote on the book selections we read together, aside from the TBR Pile Challenge Pick which will be announced before each month starts.

We vote on and select our Read-Around-the-World Picks and Genre Picks each December for the following year.

Each month we vote for our Social Perspectives Pick and Book of the Month (BOTM) Pick. Having a BOTM account is NOT required to be a part of this book club.

Essentially, we will try to include books to read and discuss that are both nonfiction and fiction, and that represent a vast array of voices, genres, and styles.

Here’s how you know this book club will be a perfect fit for you:

🎯You are always looking for new genres or styles of writing to explore but may not know where to start or how to select something different. Or you just want help deciding what to read next.

🎯You enjoy reading fiction and nonfiction, and everything from true crime to romance to fantasy to memoirs to literary fiction (as well as everything in between).

🎯You often enjoy reading debut titles from new authors.

🎯You seek out authors who have diverse backgrounds that are different from your own.

🎯You always try to finish the books you read, to experience each book in its entirety.

🎯You believe that reading is fundamental to changing minds and expanding hearts, and building meaningful connections with other humans.