Quote: Write a Review for an Enlightening Documentary

Quotes on documentaries force us to ask: Are documentaries forms of journalism, art, or something else?

In yesterday’s post, I asked whether the entertainment value documentaries offer will begin to outweigh their informative and social value, as they gradually become more and more popular. As I work on my draft for this week’s writing prompt, I feel that this is a fundamental question to consider. Essentially: are documentaries supposed to be subjective or objective? Or perhaps a little bit of both? Are they forms of journalism, art, or something else?  

Dialogue About Writing: What Should be in a Poem for Earth Day?

What Should be in a Poem for Earth Day?

Before I get started on this week’s writing prompt, I want to pause for a moment and consider what I should include in my poem for Earth Day, which is a two-part process. First, I need to consider what type of poem I’m writing, which means I need to brush up on what I know about poetry. Second, I need to consider my own thoughts and feelings on the state of the earth. 

Dialogue About Writing: Why Are You Stressed? Write It Out To Work It Out

Why Are You Stressed? Write It Out To Work It Out. I’ll Go First…

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote A Brief Look Back at 2020 for the writing prompt for that week: Write a Journal Entry About Your COVID-19 Year. And now that I think about it, I suppose this week’s writing prompt is a continuation of that writing prompt, and that journal entry.

2020 was an extremely stressful year for most of us, myself included. We all had to adjust the way we worked and lived, substantially, in one way or another. And if we haven’t yet dealt with the stress we experienced in 2020, chances are high that the same stress is still with us today. Especially since, even after a year has gone by, it doesn’t seem as if much has changed. Except for our newfound abilities to be desensitized and numb to all the chaos and persistent uncertainty that living through a pandemic has forced upon us. There is a reason, after all, that 80% of Americans reported emotions associated with prolonged stress recently.

However, the good news, especially for us writers, is that writing about what we’re stressed about can help us understand our stress better so that we can do something about it. I’ll go first. Here’s my attempt to do just that…