woman in flapper dress

While at a roaring jamboree…

The 1920s era, a.k.a. “The Roaring 20s”, always comes in and out of vogue. And flappers of that era, as well as the parties and jamborees they attended, are nearly always portrayed as glamorous in fiction. The flapper era was an era of supposed prosperity that always seems to have a cloud hanging over it, however… a cloud of smoke and illegal booze, perhaps? Or is it a cloud of something else?

Today’s writing prompt is based on a jamboree during the flapper era. See the details for the writing prompt below, as well as my completed version of this prompt titled, A Sweet Stench of an Affair.

carpe diem rustic sign in field

The day he started living like he was dying …

We’ve all heard that phrase, “Live like you are dying.” It’s not terrible advice, per se. But living like death is just around the corner doesn’t and shouldn’t look the same for everyone…

Check out today’s writing prompt, centered around this phrase, and my completed version of it, in today’s post.


The day I quit …

Do you remember a time when you officially decided to quit doing something? Well, today’s writing prompt will help you channel your maybe not-so-pleasant memories into memorable fiction.

Check out my completed version of today’s writing prompt in today’s post, too; it’s called The Day I Quit Drinking.

capitol building dome

Writing Prompt: January 6th Testimony

Today’s writing prompt is not for the faint of heart. As you complete this writing prompt, although you’ll be writing fiction, you’ll envision what it would be like to offer key testimony during the January 6th Hearings.

See my completed version of this writing prompt in the post; it’s fiction and it’s called A Poll Worker’s Testimony.