Writing Process: Chick Lit

Writing a Few Paragraphs of “Chick Lit” or “Women’s Fiction”

Completing this week’s writing prompt offered an unexpected reckoning of my own biases around what’s usually called “Chick Lit,” a subgenre of women’s fiction. 

To be honest, I’ve avoided this genre my entire life (both intentionally and unintentionally), as it was always presented to me as subpar or fluff or unimportant, uninteresting, or simply not serious writing. It was writing work that was easy to discard and discredit, just like much of women’s work typically is… And I also avoided it because I thought I had to be a diehard fan of fashion or makeup or weddings or gossip in order to enjoy it. But after diving a little deeper into conversations around chick lit and women’s fiction, I became more intrigued by what I discovered.