Dialogue About Writing: What Should be in a Poem for Earth Day?

What Should be in a Poem for Earth Day?

Before I get started on this week’s writing prompt, I want to pause for a moment and consider what I should include in my poem for Earth Day, which is a two-part process. First, I need to consider what type of poem I’m writing, which means I need to brush up on what I know about poetry. Second, I need to consider my own thoughts and feelings on the state of the earth. 


Write Your Own Inaugural Address or Poem for 2021

I’ve been reflecting on Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, and the entire inaugural event really, for the past week or so. And it got me wondering: what would I put in my own inaugural speech or poem for 2021? What would I include in it or exclude from it? If I were offered an opportunity to address the nation at this specific time in history, what would I say? 

What about you? If you were afforded the opportunity to address the nation right now, in a widely televised event that a majority of citizens and the rest of the world were watching, what would you say? What would be in the text of your speech or inaugural poem?