Writing Draft: A Short Piece About Feminism

A Short Piece About Feminism

As I worked on this week’s writing prompt, Write A Short Piece About What ‘Feminism’ Is, I started digging deeper into various schools of thought on feminism. I came across notable feminists within those schools of thought, their work, and their various approaches for advocacy. And what I ultimately discovered, ironically, is that feminism is not essentially about women or femininity at all.

Writing About Feminism

Writing About ‘Feminism’

Writing this week’s writing prompt is a bit easier than I thought it would be yet more time-consuming than I thought it would be… because once I started looking into what feminism is and isn’t and learning more about the stories and stances of notable feminists, I couldn’t stop. Their philosophies, theories, actions, stories, and work are compelling and have profoundly shaped our modern-day society. And I’m appalled I didn’t know more about most of the feminists I came across and their work much sooner. Or that the work they accomplished that I was familiar with wasn’t even a fraction of what they actually accomplished (and are still accomplishing) for future generations.

Feminist Quote

Notable Feminist Statements

In yesterday’s post, I barely scratched the surface of what feminism is and isn’t. Yet, even so, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the “dirty F word”, “feminism,” needs to be considered more intently, and with a fresh set of eyes. Especially in the twenty-first century.

Below are some notable feminist statements. Do they match your own view of feminism in the twenty-first century? Do you think they represent how most people view feminism in the twenty-first century?

What Feminism Is and Isn't

What Is and Isn’t ‘Feminism’?

Like most “isms” out there, “feminism” comes with a lot of baggage, a lot of preconceived notions and connotations, often making it a bad word, a term or designation to be avoided if one doesn’t want to seem too “radical” or attract too much negative attention. But why is that? Why is “feminism” such a polarizing term, even and especially for women who use it?

As I complete this week’s writing prompt, I’m going to continue to ask myself: what is and isn’t “feminism”? How is it being defined and by whom? Can there ever be some type of consensus about what feminism is? Or is there already one that just isn’t widely recognized?

Writing Prompt: What is Feminism

Write A Short Piece About What ‘Feminism’ Is

Somehow “feminism” is still a “dirty F word” avoided in polite conversation, a radical word in most social circles and online groups. In the twenty-first century, it still remains on the outskirts of the most influential dialogues about women … even during Women’s History Month. But what exactly is “feminism”? And how should it be understood and defined in 2021? Has how we understood feminism over the past century or past few decades changed or evolved at all? Should it?

This week’s writing prompt for Daily Drafts & Dialogues: Write A Short Piece About What Feminism Is. To get started on this writing prompt, consider looking into the works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Simone de Beauvoir, Angela Davis, Kimberlé Crenshaw, bell hooks, Malala Yousafzai …