Writing Draft: Initial Musings About Justice

Initial Musings About Justice

Originally I thought my draft for last week’s writing prompt was going to end with, “…to be continued…”. And I was right.

Reflecting on what justice is, is an important thing for all of us to do. And talking about what justice is might seem straightforward at first because we all seem to have similar instincts and innate perceptions about what justice is and what it is not. However, perhaps ironically, justice becomes a lot less straightforward when we view it from the lens of our legal systems…

Writing Process_ Writing About Justice

Writing About Justice

Every time I think that maybe I bit off more than I can chew for this week’s writing prompt: Write A Short Essay About Justice, I try to remind myself that it’s only a SHORT ESSAY. And, as I mentioned in my post on Monday, that it is a short essay that will likely conclude with “…to be continued…”. So, keeping that in mind, it was a little easier to not feel quite so daunted by this week’s writing prompt in the end.

Quote About Justice

Quotes About Justice

In yesterday’s post, I asked a BIG question: What Is Justice? And while we all have our intuition and sense about what it is, and can certainly intuit when it’s missing… how should we define justice and talk about it when we’re talking with others? Especially those who may not agree with us? Is there common ground to be found here?

To get this dialogue rolling, let’s consider some of the notable quotes about justice below.

Dialogue: What Is Justice

What Is Justice?

Before I begin writing my short essay about justice for this week’s writing prompt, I want to take a step back and sincerely reflect on what justice is, and what makes something or someone just or unjust.

My intuition and observations lead me to understand that there are different forms of justice societies value or appreciate, as well as how it’s administered. But are there fundamental beliefs about justice most of us share?

Writing Prompt: Write A Short Essay About Justice

Write A Short Essay About Justice

This week is as good a time as any other to consider what justice is to us as individuals and as a collective society, both locally and globally.

With Derek Chauvin’s trial currently underway this week, recent headlines telling us that billionaires became exponentially richer during what was the worst of the coronavirus pandemic for so many others economically, the quest to find perpetrators behind the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, new science and coverage revealing how climate change severely affects those in certain socio-economic classes globally— and the list goes on and on—it’s time to pause for a few moments and consider: what is justice?

Essay on Trump's Second Impeachment

A Short Essay on Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial

This week’s writing prompt, Write an Unbiased Essay on Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial, was extremely challenging. Why? Because our deeply partisan situation in the United States, further propagated by a deeply partisan Congress and other deeply partisan public and civic leaders, makes an inherently political impeachment trial, well… deeply political. Not necessarily fair or just. And a deeply political trial is challenging to write about without referring to or alluding to biased, deeply partisan party politics or rhetoric because partisan politics and rhetoric is its lifeblood. 

Below is the draft of my unbiased essay on Trump’s second impeachment trial. It’s unbiased because it doesn’t include references to political parties, or include overtly political or rhetorical terms or phrases—which also ended up making this essay short and difficult to write. Because without such political references and rhetorical language, there ultimately isn’t too much to say about an inherently political trial. Or is there? 

Writing an unbiased political essay

Writing an Unbiased Essay on Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial

My process for drafting this week’s writing prompt is simple and straightforward, yet not so easy to do, as it’s been time-consuming and has required a lot of attention to detail. And, if I’m really being honest, it’s forced me to check a lot of my own biases and beliefs and things I thought I knew, which was uncomfortable at first but ultimately necessary and liberating. 

Here’s the process I carried out, and what I did, as I completed my draft of an unbiased essay on Trump’s second impeachment trial this week. 

questions for writing prompt for impeachment trial

Is an Impeachment Trial Inherently Biased and Political?

I’m still mulling over this week’s writing prompt: Write an Unbiased Essay on Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial. And, honestly, I’m wondering if it’s possible. Why? Because I’m also asking myself: is an impeachment trial inherently biased and political? Is there a way to have an impeachment trial without party politics swaying its proceedings and verdict?