back of woman in audience

Witnessing Alex Jones in Court

On Tuesday, Alex Jones, owner of the conspiracy-touting website Infowars, was ordered to pay nearly $1 Billion in damages to Sandy Hook victims’ families and one F.B.I. agent. Today’s writing prompt will be based on his time in court and the events surrounding it. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

cancer ribbons over moon

Cancer Moonshot

On Monday, the anniversary of JFK’s “moonshot speech,” President Biden gave a notable speech himself, the “cancer moonshot speech.” Today’s writing prompt is based on the latter speech. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt, as well as my completed version of the prompt: Remission or Prevention.

student loan debt

Forgive our debtors?

President Biden’s new student loan forgiveness plan has been plastered all over news headlines since it was announced. Some say the plan is too liberal. Some say the plan doesn’t do nearly enough for student loan borrowers. Whatever your take on the topic, it’s an important one to write about, that’s for sure. So, today’s writing prompt will center around this topic: student loan debt. Check out the full writing prompt below, along with my completed version of it, titled: To be Forgiven.

Roe v Wade Write

RE Roe v Wade: Time to write it out

I’m still processing the fact that Roe v Wade was overturned yesterday by the US Supreme Court. No, I’m not surprised–we did have fair warning after all– just processing everything. I’m going to “write it out” as I figure out what to do next, if you will, and you should too. It’s time to channel anger into practical and formidable action. And writing offers the best medium in which to do this.