This Sunday, reflect on and summarize the week you just had in your writing via fiction or nonfiction, or both. Check out some of the writing prompts from this past week in today’s post, along with today’s writing prompt: What Are You Most Thankful For? And see updates on the current novel I’m writing, what I’m reading, and more.

This Week’s Sunday Summary Writing Prompt: What Are You Most Thankful For?

Today, write a journal entry or a piece of short fiction about what you’re most thankful for right now. Be as honest as possible. No one has to read what you write if you don’t want them to read it.

Or write a journal entry or reflective post summarizing the previous week you had and notable things you wrote, read, learned, etc., as well as what you want to write, read, and do in the week ahead.

Writing Prompts From This Past Week

In case you missed them when they were originally published earlier this week, here are the links to this week’s writing prompts on Daily Drafts & Dialogues blog. See my completed versions of each writing prompt in each post.

Updates On My Current Book Project

By the end of today, I will have written over 4,000 words this week for the current novel I’m working on, and will almost be done writing the first draft of its fourth chapter. This coming week I will start working on the fifth chapter of the novel, which will likely be the last chapter in the first section of the novel. I’m currently anticipating breaking up the novel into three main sections or parts. I worked out several key elements in the novel’s plot this week, including some (hopefully) surprising twists.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote recently for my current work in progress, which may or may not end up in its final draft:

The flashlight I’m using isn’t that bright so I can’t really see anything as I trudge through the woods. I trip over a dead thicket of something and trip. [He] is right there next to me to grab my arm so I don’t fall. And I suddenly feel like punching him in the face instead of letting him touch me. But I don’t because what kind of person would do such a thing to someone who prevented them from eating dirt in the middle of the night in the woods? Plus, his grip is firm yet gentle somehow, which is exactly the type of grip I need right now, although I hate to admit it.

From K.E. Creighton’s current WIP ; Nov. 2022; Unedited version

Current Reads And Book Reviews

I’m currently reading three books and hope to finish them all by the end of this coming week.

I was hoping to finish up Liberation DayStories by George Saunders last weekend but wasn’t able to, so see last Sunday’s Summary post for my thoughts so far on that one.

I’m also reading On Corruption in America: And What Is at Stake by Sarah Chayes. This book, published in 2020, is poignant and enlightening. The writing style really draws you in as you’re reading it. I would even say that this book should be required reading for everyone on the planet, not just those in the U.S. I’ll likely rate it five out of five stars when I’ve finished reading it. Here is a quote from the book that I can’t stop thinking about: “Corruption is not an isolated scandal or even a whole stack of them. Corruption is better understood as the deliberate mode of functioning– the operating systems, you might say— of sophisticated, and astonishingly successful, networks.”

And I’m currently reading Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. I’m about halfway finished with this book, and I can see why it’s gotten so much attention and acclaim. It’s one of those rare books you want to spend time with and relish. It’s a book for those of us who are true book lovers and library lovers and language lovers and storytellers. The literature geek in me who decided to study literary works for nearly a decade is enjoying this book immensely.

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Writing Tips And Thoughts From The Week

Musings On Current News And Events

A lot happened this past week that I have a lot of thoughts about, but writing about those things can wait for now.

Today, I want to take a moment to acknowledge those who lost their lives last night at Club Q in Colorado Springs, which is about an hour away from me. It’s such a devastating and senseless tragedy.

I want to encourage everyone I can to think about ways and write about ways we can all come together to prevent such senseless and hateful acts of violence, as well as ways we can support the LGBTQ+ community.

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  1. The memories of Thanksgivings past come flooding back every year. Some of them were at fancy restaurants, with extended family and friends and parties of 20 or more. Some of them were simply the immediate family at home. Some were love feasts at church or a relatives’ house. Wherever the setting and whatever the culture, all were experiences not to be forgotten!
    My first Thanksgiving of memory included my arts and crafts turkey on the refrigerator and my brothers’ essay on the pilgrims right next to it. Mom and Dad had woken up at 4 AM to get the turkey in, and as Dad went back to bed, Mom started on the sides. I wondered what all the fuss was about, and as we watched college football on TV, my mouth watered from the aromas in the kitchen!
    Dad took a moment before the blessing and asked my brother and I what we were grateful for. My brother was grateful for the new bike he was getting for Christmas. This brought a laugh from my parents. I was grateful for actually getting to play on the city league basketball league. I didn’t know that everyone made the team!
    Mom was grateful for our family, and Dad was grateful for finally being able to afford a nice home and a car that didn’t run on prayers! The carving of the turkey commenced, and Mom filled out plates. I tried everything, and I ate everything Mom gave me. I wasn’t big on the casserole, but the rest was great! I have always been a big fan of almost any holiday pie!
    I and my brother helped clear the table after dinner, and Dad returned to the football games. I also experience my first Thanksgiving Day touch football game with my cousins. Even though I was the youngest and the slowest, I managed to block for my brother as he scored the winning touchdown!
    The years have gone by so quickly now, and my wife and I will be celebrating our 26th Thanksgiving together. My four sons always look forward to Mom’s sweet potato and marshmallow casserole. I really enjoy her green beans and bacon. Her mother usually makes great mashed potatoes and a terrific rice dish!
    The family traditions of football slowly were replaced with family game night, complete with Uno and Clue! It always tickles me how my sons start their Christmas lists immediately! Even though Christmas usually gets top billing, Thanksgiving will always be the source of rich memories!

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