This Sunday reflect on and summarize the week you just had in your writing via fiction or nonfiction or both. Keep reading to see today’s full writing prompt: How Does the Holiday Season Inspire Your Writing? And to see updates on the current novel I’m writing, what I’m reading, and more.

This Week’s Sunday Summary Writing Prompt: How Does the Holiday Season Inspire Your Writing?

Today, write a journal entry or a piece of short fiction about how the holiday season inspires your writing, for better or worse.

Or write a journal entry or reflective post summarizing the previous week you had and notable things you wrote, read, learned, etc., as well as what you want to write, read, and do in the week ahead.

Writing Prompts From This Past Week

In case you missed them when they were originally published earlier this week, here are the links to this week’s writing prompts on Daily Drafts & Dialogues blog. See my completed versions of each writing prompt in each post.

Updates On My Current Book Project

This past week I wrote around 3,500 words of the current novel I’m working on and am finishing up the fifth chapter today or tomorrow. Sometime this coming week I’ll be starting on the second part of three parts of the novel. So, I’m about a third of the way finished with the first draft of this novel, although there are a few sections I still need to go back and write in the first part. I have a couple of working titles for the novel but still haven’t officially settled on one yet.

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote recently for my current work in progress, which may or may not end up in its final draft:

Nearly everyone else is already gone. A dozen or so people gone, without a trace, just like that. It’s a bit off-putting. And for a moment I feel as if I dreamed up the whole thing.  

From K.E. Creighton’s current WIP ; December 2022; Unedited version

Current Reads And Book Reviews

I’m currently reading a few books. I’ll share my reviews of them later, as I’m still in the middle of all of them. Disclaimer: I read anything and everything because it keeps me intellectually sharp, entertained, empathetic, emotionally balanced, humble, and human. And by everything, I mean everything. It’s certainly not a coincidence that I started The Egalitarian Book Club a couple of years ago.

I’m currently reading: We Are The Light by Matthew Quick, Who Rules the World? by Noam Chomsky, and A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams.

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Writing Tips And Thoughts From The Week

Other Important Updates and Notes

I’m still working on an e-book for you to download.

Next Sunday, I should have an e-book with writing prompts and tips available for everyone to download. It will be a great holiday gift for yourself, or perhaps a fellow writer you know. It will be an ideal e-book for those looking to up their writing game in the new year. I may or may not end up having physical copies available of the book, too. So stay tuned!

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  1. I believe everyone finds more pleasure in childhood memories of Christmas. We often stop believing in Santa, then start playing Santa for others. Most teenagers wake up to the reality that Christmas is really geared to children. However, there is another side to Christmas that many people forget about, especially if it is hectic or stressful.
    The joy of family is the constant that brings many together at Christmas, whether they live next door or on another continent. As adults, although some Christmas memories might be bitter sweet, I find that Christmas memories are often joyful, happy, and even humorous.
    When I was living in Southern California, and going to college in San Diego, my older brother was in the Army, stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. He was part of the Airborne, but needed to have his appendix removed in late November. The doctor told him he could not be released from the base hospital until all his vitals were normal. If he went back on duty, he could no longer be in the Airborne.
    Although he was supposed to be on light duty for the next 6 weeks, he put in for holiday leave. His sergeant approved, and he came home about 1 week before Christmas. It was one of the best Christmas holidays our home had seen. The gifts were not fancy, but being together was incredible!

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