As the year comes to a close it’s only natural to start thinking of the year ahead. This Sunday, reflect on and summarize the week you just had in your writing via fiction or nonfiction, or both. Keep reading to see today’s full writing prompt: What are your writing goals for 2023? And to see updates on the current novel I’m writing, what I’m reading, and more. 

This Week’s Sunday Summary Writing Prompt: What are your writing goals for 2023?

Today, write a journal entry or a piece of short fiction about what your writing goals are for 2023. For inspiration, look back at the writing prompt published a couple of weeks ago: Envision a Writing Goal for 2023.

Or write a journal entry or reflective post summarizing the previous week you had and notable things you wrote, read, learned, etc., as well as what you want to write, read, and do in the week ahead.

Writing Prompts From This Past Week

In case you missed them when they were originally published earlier this week, here are the links to this week’s writing prompts on Daily Drafts & Dialogues blog. See my completed versions of each writing prompt in each post.

Updates On My Current Book Project

This past week I only wrote around 2,000 words of the current novel I’m working on because I’ve been working on an e-book with 150 writing prompts that I’ll publish sometime this coming week. I can’t wait to get back to writing my novel by the end of next week and hope to have a little extra time before the end of the year to work on it, as well. I can finally reveal one thing about the novel! As you can see from the excerpt below, the main character’s name is Charlie (short for Charlotte). I can’t wait to share more with you!

Here’s an excerpt of what I wrote recently for my current work in progress, which may or may not end up in its final draft:

He sits on the sofa and says, “I’m actually pretty good at what I do with a keyboard, so I won’t ever get caught in that regard. I will never touch drugs, other than alcohol and an ocassional joint or gummy. And not to make you feel bad, but yes, I am an orphan. Although, I wasn’t raised by wolves, unless you count being in the foster system as being raised by wolves.”

Before I can express too much shame over what I just said, he says, “But there is something you’ll really want to know, Charlie– something you’ll find out eventually anyway.” He takes a sip of his drink as I sit down on the chair across from him. 

From K.E. Creighton’s current WIP ; December 2022; Unedited version

Current Reads And Book Reviews

I’m currently reading Permanent Record by Edward Snowden and We Are The Light by Matthew Quick. Snowden’s book is captivating but a little alarmist (for good reason, I suppose). I am enjoying it so far. Quick’s book is one I want to savor, so it’s been on the back burner for a week or so since I started reading it, as I didn’t have that much time to read it this past week.

Who Rules the World? by Noam Chomsky

I appreciate Chomsky calling out the hypocrisy of certain US government actions and their histories and precedents. I found that valuable and important. However, I wish he would have focused a lot more on the power and imperialism of the corporations and financiers specifically– those spearheading and orchestrating the hypocrisy and new-age/neoliberal imperialism– especially since he admits and argues they are the ones driving such hypocritical exploits at points in the book (too fleetingly, in my opinion), not the government alone. And I wish that there would have been some real resolutions addressed in this book. After a while, the examples and points seemed redundant and there were no resolutions presented, which made me feel a bit bullied as a reader, honestly, when I wouldn’t be reading this book if I weren’t looking for and considering resolutions to the issues he’s addressing. Perhaps that was the point? To encourage readers to find resolutions? Either way, it ended up seeming a bit whiny to me– I’m sorry to say– when I want to explore and consider real resolutions to the dilemmas of perpetual impending nuclear war and the climate crisis.

Rating: 3/5

A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

This book is the adorable Christmas romance I was looking for and has the grumpy-sunshine trope. I loved the two characters together. At first, I wasn’t sure about the more sensitive male characters… but eventually, I realized that that’s how it should be, and I applaud the author for writing male characters who are deeply human and honestly more realistic as a result. This book will lift your spirits and make you ready for love this holiday season. 🎄💖

Rating: 5/5

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Writing Tips And Thoughts From The Week

Other Important Updates and Notes

I’m still working on an e-book for you to download. The format and design are what’s causing a hold-up right now and taking a little longer than originally expected. The e-book will be available on this coming week. I’m just not sure of the exact day yet. So, thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

Here’s a sneak peek at what the cover of the e-book will look like:

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