Today’s writing prompt should get your blood pumping as you write it. Keep reading to see the full prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Saving a Life

Today, write from the perspective of someone who is saving someone else’s life. Consider what they’re thinking and feeling, as well as what they’re doing. And consider: Whose life are they saving? Is the person a stranger or a loved one?

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

Saving Her Life, by K.E. Creighton

As I compress her chest, I can’t stop staring at her blue eyelids and pray for them to open. I don’t pray often, but at this moment I do it reflexively, without thinking. I whisper the mantra, “Don’t let her die, God, please. Please.”

A small crowd has formed around us on the snowy bank of the lake while I pump her chest, whisper my mantra, and try to keep count. A woman in a baby blue poofy coat looks at us with glazed-over eyes. A middle-aged man tells me he’s called emergency responders, who should be here in less than five minutes. That they’re just on the other side of the bridge. And another woman shields a little girl’s eyes.

But I fear she doesn’t have that much time. So I keep pumping her chest. And I’m praying to multiple Gods now, hoping that at least one of them decides to listen.

She had been holding my hand one second, laughing and tugging me along as she danced around on her skates— then submerged in between layers of ice the next. I had just let go of her hand when the ice cracked and split open and the lake consumed her. At least, that’s what it looked like had happened. It happened so fast. But I swear, the lake suddenly and randomly decided to swallow her whole.

I am clumsy on skates so couldn’t get to her right away. And it took me at least a minute to fish her out of the ice water, and it felt like tiny daggers were piercing my hands.

My arms start to get weary, but I keep pumping. And pumping. And pumping. And praying. And praying.

When I hear the sirens approaching, she opens her eyes, coughs, and says my name.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

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