Procrastinating online at some point is inevitable if you’re a writer in the twenty-first century–especially if you use online resources throughout your writing process. But who says your bouts of procrastination have to be a bad thing or deter you completely from writing? There is, I have recently discovered, a tool that can help you procrastinate more efficiently.

Ironically, you can follow a clock to procrastinate more efficiently

Usually, when you’re procrastinating, the clock is not your friend. It almost seems to taunt you, in fact. But I recently came across a clock that can actually help writers, especially during bouts of procrastination or writer’s block. It’s a literature clock. And it’s free.

You can access the literature clock via this link: Or you can use the Literature Clock Google Chrome Extension. From what I can tell, it looks like they each use the same quotes at the same time.

The literature clock updates every minute or so with a new quote from a notable book, with the current time in the quote. With each quoted passage, you can keep an eye on the clock while you’re entertained, discover new books to read, come across different writing styles and voices, etc.

I can’t think of a better way to procrastinate as a writer. I know, I’m nerding out here. But, oh well, now you know some of my truest colors. I think this literature clock is awesome! I’ve been checking it incessantly over the past twenty-four hours.

Examples of quotes from the literature clock

Check out the images below with examples of what you’ll see when you visit the literature clock. The images will populate as you scroll.

Procrastinate well, writers, and prosper.

If you know of another tool or app. similar to this one that will help your fellow writers procrastinate more efficiently, leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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