Today’s writing prompt, Decorating for Christmas, should help get you in the holiday spirit. Keep scrolling to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Decorating for Christmas

Write a five-sentence story for the image above in which people are decorating a space for Christmas. Write about as many of the details in the photo as you can. Practice being concise yet vivid in your writing today. Paint a copy of this photo with your words using the least amount of words possible.

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

Christmas Lunch With Santa, by K.E. Creighton

The dining room at the family’s Hotel DuMonte is nearly ready for Christmas lunch with Santa. Carly is grateful the kids don’t yet realize it’s their grandfather who dresses up as Santa each year, or at least they don’t let on that they know yet. And she’s grateful that her mom and sister are getting along for once, more or less, as they finish outlining the windows with lights. Samantha and Cole are placing the last ornaments on the tree when they all hear jingle bells just outside the window. When they peek outside, they see Santa in a horse-drawn sleigh with a mountain of gifts beside him looking up at them, waving.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

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  1. The idea of holding the Christmas Eve feast in the dining room and having Santa visit seemed destined in disaster. Samantha and Cole, however, made it clear to Mom that it wouldn’t be Christmas unless Grammy and Aunt Sara got to come, and that Santa brought everyone their gifts. The “elves” won, and she put them to work on the tree as Grammy and Sara decked the halls and windows. The sound of sleigh bells came from outside, and Grandpa Santa arrived with a huge bundle of gifts in tow!
    As Christmas tunes resounded, she met Santa at the door. Samantha and Cole laughed and jumped with glee. She had a professional videographer record Santa’s arrival and issuing of gifts. She loaded the table with dishes and platters for the feast, and as Santa said good-bye the children looked hungrily at the table. Grammy kissed Grandpa at the sleigh, and came in to dinner.
    After the feast, Samantha and Cole let Grammy read The Night Before Christmas as they got into bed. Sara helped with the dishes, and bundled up the leftovers for the trip home. Sara had agreed to stay with Grammy and Grandpa in town. I tried once more to get them to stay, but Grammy insisted.
    I helped them load the car with the gifts and plates of leftovers, waved goodbye, then set about the process of locking up the hotel. I was just ready to lock up the front door when the sleigh bells began to sound. I looked up the road, and Grandpa was returning with 7 passengers! I was puzzled until Grandpa yelled for me to break out the blankets and first-aid kit!
    A closer look told me that these passengers were all in uniform, except for the two up front with Grandpa. They were in suits, and all looked frozen. I turned on the outside and inside lights, broke into the linens and grabbed the first-aid kits. I met Grandpa as he helped the two older men into the door. The younger men wore a basketball team uniform, and huddled closely as they came in.
    I had already called 911, and the town clinic had promised a team of EMTs within 15 minutes. I had seen frostbite many times, but not this severe! Grandpa was shivering, and the coach told me the team bus slid off the road into the river, and Grandpa risked his life pulling him and the assistant coach to safety.
    Knowing that Grandpa had struggled with heart disease, he got treated first. The players helped greatly, since one was a pre-med major. The EMTs arrived after 10 minutes, and took the older men’s vitals. The hot chocolate and tea had been consumed quickly, but I had already made more. The EMTs wanted to have my Grandfather’s cardiologist contacted, and I quickly called Grammy and Sara. Grammy found out his cardiologist was coming into town, and agreed to meet him at the airport.
    Since the coach and his assistant were pronounced safe, the players urged Tommy, the pre-med major, to see if there was anything he could do. He conferred with the EMTs, and agreed to keep a close watch on Grandpa. The EMTs were each given a Christmas gift bag, and thanked as they left.
    Grammy assured me that they had collected the cardiologist at the airport, and were on the way. Sara spoke to Tommy, then passed the phone to the cardiologist. He gave basic care instructions, and said they would arrive in 30 minutes. I quickly checked on Samantha and Cole, who were both sleeping soundly.
    I pulled out the leftovers and passed them around to the team and the coaches. I poured out soda and hot chocolate with the dessert. A call from the local tow service assured them that the team van was to be delivered tomorrow. I broke out the Christmas gift packs and wished each of them a Merry Christmas.
    Sara and Grammy arrived, and the cardiologist checked on Grandpa. I and Sara saw each of the coaches and players to their rooms. Tommy stayed with us, and assisted the cardiologist in hooking up monitors to Grandpa. I was amazed that Tommy agreed to sit vigil with Grandpa. The cardiologist agreed to return tomorrow, and left with our thanks and enough gift packs for his family.
    Dawn came all too soon. I hurried out to see Tommy sleeping in a chair next to Grandpa. I noticed the notepad next to him, recording hourly vitals throughout the night. Grandma and Sara made a huge breakfast for everyone. The team van arrived around 10, and the cardiologist soon after. Grandpa was pronounced safe, and the cardiologist thanked Tommy for his help.
    Tommy answered the cardiologist’s questions, and after figuring out all his MCAT scores and possible graduate school plans, offered to let him become a resident at the town clinic. Tommy was elated, and everyone but Grammy and Sara left for home.
    After kissing Grandpa, Sara told him that worrying them like that on Christmas Eve was not a nice thing to do. Grammy shushed her, saying that only “Santa” would risk his life for a Christmas miracle. I told everyone that having the family together and loving each other was all the Christmas gift I needed!

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