Today’s writing prompt is a fun one to complete. But writing a meet cute may not be as easy to write as you think. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Megastar Meet Cute

Today, write a meet cute scene; a scene in which the two people who will form a future romantic couple meet for the first time, typically under unusual, humorous, or cute circumstances. And one of those people in the meet cute scene should be a megastar.

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

Megastar Meet Cute, by K.E. Creighton

I was shelving books in the more risqué side of the romance section when I heard the bell on the front door chime. My back was still turned when I heard his voice politely ask, “Excuse me, do you have a copy of the new Erik Larson book?” I froze when I heard his voice, knowing exactly who it belonged to, seeing as I had obsessively watched every one of his movies for nearly a decade now. Of course, I wanted to turn around and see him in the flesh. But I also suddenly felt my cheeks heat up and my legs get wobbly.

“Excuse me,” he repeated in the same polite British accent as I remained still staring at a cover of a book with a man in a cowboy hat holding a woman whose bosom was too large for the bodice of her billowy dress. When I finally registered in extreme embarrassed horror what I was staring at as he stood behind me, he lightly brushed my shoulder with his hand to get my attention. It was startling to feel his barely-there touch and with a sudden rush of nervous energy, I whipped my body and arms around in a jerky flailing motion, knocking a few books on the shelf in front of me onto the floor.

There was a pile of half-naked people on the ground looking back up at us. We bent down at the same time to pick up the books that had fallen and our foreheads knocked together. As I profusely apologized, he laughed and assured me it was okay. Then our eyes locked, and my life would never be the same again…

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

Notes on Completing this Writing Prompt

This type of scene is cheesy to write, sure, but it will make you feel good. And it’s Friday. So why not?

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  1. The fact that he was a famous star with an insanely cute British accent was was forgotten for the moment. I appreciated the fact that he was willing to help me pick up the romance novels and laughed at the bumping of heads! Most of my customers tended to complain if the pages were not perfect or the covers were the least bit worn!
    As we worked to return the romance novels to the shelves, I noticed he wasn’t wearing a ring. I apologized profusely for my clumsiness, and he assured me it was the most fun he had experienced in a week! I was surprised when he chose a particularly racy novel, and asked my opinion! I blushed slightly, and told him I loved the author, but be prepared for some very graphic romance!
    He laughed as he explained that these books were mild compared to the films and plays he was used to performing. I walked with him up to the cashier, and my manager strategically told me to go to lunch! He asked if I would like to join him at a little bistro, and I gladly said yes! My manager gave me a thumbs-up as we walked out of the door!
    Lunch was just soup and salad, but listening to him describe his films and plays took me to a whole new world of stardom! He asked me about my job and life, to which I gave my standard 10-minute summation. He was amazed that I could give a biography that quickly, and I assured him that my life was quite mundane. I decided to omit my dream to become a writer!
    Lunch ended all too quickly, and I took my time going back to the bookstore. However, my heart almost stopped when he asked for my cell number! I quickly sent him a text, and watched as he saved it on his directory. He told me he was in town on a shoot for the next month, so I would probably hear from him by the weekend!
    My manager and my two co-workers were all smiles and ears at the checkout! I described the lunch and they all began to tell me how great it was for me to meet such a great guy! The fact that he had my cell number was something I kept private!
    He called me on Saturday, and asked if I could meet him at the Atherton Hotel downtown at 7. I assured him I would be there. As I arrived at the front hotel entrance, a valet took my car and gave me a voucher. I walked into the lobby and saw him smiling as he and three other friends of his approached me. He introduced his co-stars and the director. I was a little amazed, but managed to not look too star struck!
    He asked if I would be interested in a revival of “The Music Man” across the street. I told him it was one of my favorite musicals, and off we went. The play was terrific, and dinner at the Maestro was very good. We filled in the details left open after our last date. I was glad that only a few people recognized him, so he only took a few selfies and gave a couple of autographs.
    He took me home, and thanked me for a great evening. I told him I was about to say the same thing! He asked if I would be interested in visiting him on the film set tomorrow after 6. I asked if I could bring 3 friends, and he said absolutely. He produced four guest passes on lanyards, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I was glad for the dark night, so he couldn’t see me blush!
    The next day at work flew by. I kept replaying the entire evening in my mind, glad to not have spilled any food at dinner, or tripped at the play. My manager and co-workers seemed more and more excited to visit the film set after work. A late shipment of new arrivals didn’t even deter us from laughing together as we unboxed and shelved the novels.
    As I put the last novel in place, it occurred to me that the picture on the front of the book jacket was the same man I had been dating! It was his biography, entitled “Cut and Print”. I decided to use my employee discount and buy one.
    We all piled into my boss’ SUV as we left for the film set. We watched my date and his co-stars run out of a building and into a convenience store, then flee the store with the owner chasing them comically! The wait of 15 minutes for the scene was more than worth the enjoyment of the scene!
    My boss and co-workers met my date and his co-stars with handshakes and joking all around. The director joined the fun, assuring us that this had been the smoothest scene since they arrived! The co-stars guffawed, stating he says that about every scene that only has one take!
    My boss and co-stars drove off with my date’s co-stars, all bound for the same bistro we had met at earlier that week. The director introduced me to his wife and children. They invited us to dinner at the director’s parents’ home, and we gladly accepted.
    Dinner was like a family Thanksgiving. I had so much fun hearing old family stories and was made to feel welcome by the whole family. The director’s wife assured me that she had not seen my date quite this happy for years. She told me his biography would explain everything. They dropped me at home, and I got another peck on the cheek!
    It was the weekend, and I was determined to read the biography before Monday. I dug in right after breakfast, and his childhood in England was almost idyllic. Raised on a dairy farm and an adept student and rugby player, I wondered if maybe he missed his calling!
    I was somewhat surprised to find he completed his education at Eton, one of the elite universities of the UK. His degree was in finance, and he was hired at a large bank almost immediately. He did this for 5 years, then life threw him a curveball. He was notified that his mother was very ill, and he took family leave time to sit with her and help his father on the dairy farm.
    His mother passed away at the age of 70. At her funeral, his father said he was leaving the farm to him. He asked why, and his father told him that he wasn’t expected to live more than another month! He kept the farm going with the help of his 3 nephews, and then his father passed away!
    He decided that dairy farm life was much less stressful than finance, so he gave his notice. His nephews knew that things were slow on the farm in the winter, so he was asked to take part in a town version of “Camelot”! He decided to do it to keep his mind off his parents’ passing.
    The play went well, and the starlet and he struck up quite a romance. They were married only 3 months later. Since she grew up around cattle, life on the farm suited her quite well. His performance had caught the attention of a London director, who asked him to read for “The Mikado”! Since his nephews seemed to have the dairy farm well in hand, he agreed.
    Playing the lead in the The Mikado was challenging, but his director assured him that it would go over great! Aside from one bad review, most of the feedback was great! He returned to his farm, only to get a call the next day for a screentest! He told his wife that he could stay, but she encouraged him to pursue his career.
    The screentest went terrific. He was signed to a 2-year contract and co-starred in his first film. He was surprised that the royalties were enough to move his wife and himself to a nice home just outside of London! The nephews received more than enough to renovate the farm, and now it was the biggest operation in north England!
    The next 8 years saw him starring in many plays and 5 more films. Then, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer! He took 6 months away from appearances to stay by her side until the day she passed on. Her family and his all came for the funeral. The last thing she said was, “Dear, you were made to light up the screen and stage! Go and be my shining star!”
    I was a wreck, crying through the last 4 chapters. The biography ended with a tribute to his departed parents and wife. The date told me this had only happened 3 years ago! Now I knew why the director’s wife told me to read the biography. This was one of the sweetest and most talented men I had ever known, and he seemed interested in me!
    I went to work the next day, and my boss told me he had also read the biography. I asked him what he thought, and he said that men like him only come along once in a lifetime. I agreed, but I was hesitant due to the potential memory of his departed wife becoming an issue in our relationship. My manager felt that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t at least try to find out!
    He came through the door just as I was getting ready for lunch. He saw the biography on the shelves, and his look told me that he almost knew I had already read it. I grabbed him in a tight hug, and told him that I was so sorry for his losses. He led me outside, and as we ate at the local deli, he shared his side of the story.
    He filled in the details of the biography. The main point of his explanation was that he honestly thought he would never care for anyone else. I looked down, and told him I completely understood. Then, he shocked me by kneeling in front of me and opening up a box with an engagement ring!
    I was speechless as he proposed marriage to me! I began to weep, but nodded profusely “Yes, Yes!” My boss and co-workers and all his friends came out from around the corner with balloons and video cameras, yelling and celebrating! He looked at me as he wiped away my tears, and said sweetly “I knew the moment I met you that you were my next leading lady!”

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