If you use more than one type of device to write on a regular basis, have you ever noticed how the device you’re using affects your writing? I have. Keep reading to see what I noticed.

It’s not uncommon for writers in the 2020s to rely on multiple devices when they write, especially after the arrival and growing popularity of cloud-based services. But … does each type of device allow you to write in the same way? What are the differences, if any? Here’s what I noticed.

Writing on a phone

I noticed that when I write on my phone, I write faster. I feel like I’m texting, too. So my writing style tends to be more conversational and is often long-winded. It also has a lot of grammatical errors in it, at least when compared to the writing I complete on other devices. But writing on a phone is helpful when I’m on-the-go, or need to quickly jot down a few sentences or ideas before I forget them. Oftentimes, my best and most creative ideas and sentences are jotted down while I’m writing on a phone. I feel freer and more uninhibited when writing on a phone for some reason. But I’ll never edit or publish anything I write on my phone.

Writing on a tablet

I’ll be honest. I don’t know how people write on tablets. I find it difficult to use a tablet’s screen keypad to write paragraphs and posts and make so many typing errors that I don’t even bother using one to write. I do use my tablet for reading though. And I use one to read a lot of articles and posts that I end up using in things I write later on. So I find a tablet helpful for my writing in that regard.

Writing on a laptop

I use a laptop when I write in public places a lot. I prefer to use it when I write shorter articles and when I’m editing pieces of writing. I find myself getting distracted more on social media when I use my laptop to work for some reason. This happens the most when I’m conducting research for my writing. I also don’t work for long stretches of time when I’m writing on my laptop. I seem to only be able to write for two or three hours at most when I’m writing on my laptop. So, writing on a laptop is best for me when I’m working on shorter projects and need to work outside of my home office for a few hours at a time.

Writing on a desktop

I currently use a Microsoft Surface to write. I’m able to use it as both a tablet and laptop (when I connect the keyboard to it). I also have a monitor that I hook up to it sometimes. And using a larger monitor makes it seem like I’m writing on a desktop. When I’m writing with the larger monitor and am more stationary, I noticed that it can take me longer to write something. But I tend to get into a state of flow while I’m writing more often. And I’m much more thorough when I write. I make far fewer writing errors. I have also found myself writing for five or six hours straight without a break before. And I prefer using a desktop when writing my novel in particular because I can have multiple windows up at once as I write, on my larger screen.

What about you? Do you use different types of devices when you write? Have you noticed how each device affects your writing and writing process differently? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page to start a dialogue!

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