Hello there!

I’m glad to find you in the midst of your writing journey, and life journey. Thanks for being here on this page right now reading this post.

I wanted to take this moment to let you know that starting next week, you’ll see DAILY writing prompts here on the Daily Drafts and Dialogues blog. That’s right. Instead of only getting a writing prompt once a week, you’ll start seeing them daily.

You’ll still see some of my original writing and musings and book reviews posted to the blog too… but I really started this blog for you. And I want to continue to fine-tune that focus. Sounds a little weird maybe. But it is emphatically true.

This blog is not for me. It is for you.

This blog won’t be successful unless you join me in my quest to write. For good.

I genuinely believe it will change the world. One word. One post. One article at a time.

It inspires me to read things that are written with purpose for a purpose. How about you?

Everything we write starts with a draft, a rough draft, that might need a bit of polish. But if a draft is full of meaning and purpose, it will always have value. And will deserve to become polished and shared with the world.

I am taking the next few days to get it all sorted out and complete some administrative tasks. But the gist is this: instead of weekly writing prompts, you’ll start seeing daily writing prompts.

All of the writing prompts will be geared toward writing with purpose for a purpose. To keep all of us writing. For good.

The premium content section at the bottom of every post will include tips and inspiration for completing the daily prompts.

Who couldn’t use more ideas and motivation when writing every day?

Let’s be honest. Writing can get lonely and routine sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be that way every day.

Who doesn’t want their writing to really matter?

If you’re like me, I know you do! Which is why I started this blog. To find and connect with writers like me. Who want to write. For good. Every day. With and for a purpose.

Good to know: 15% of everything earned from subscriptions and donations goes toward literacy and social initiatives. Once things really get rolling with the blog, you’ll get to have a say in where the funds go too.

And when you subscribe, you’re investing in your own writing. And perfecting your own craft and skill and ideas, as often as you want. You’ll also be writing about things that matter in the real world. Essentially, you’re invested in writing. For good.

Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to read what you write too!

Stay tuned for these updates. More is coming soon…