Yesterday’s writing prompt was about creating a space, even if it was only imaginary. Today’s writing prompt is about demolishing a space, even if it’s only metaphorical. Keep reading to see today’s full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: Demolition Day

Today, write about a character who is sad while witnessing something being demolished. That “something” can be a physical thing, like a building, or something that may not be physical, like a relationship or a family legacy.

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

Demolition Day, by K.E. Creighton

Walking through the building one last time was bittersweet. Although it was technically barren now, it still held so many palpable memories. And she navigated the space with the small crowd like it was all still there, like everything was as it had always been.

It was on the thinly padded cushions lining the large bay window that she had learned to read and write. And where volunteers had read dozens and dozens of fairytales to her and a small group of children every Friday for years, as they sat on the multi-colored checkered carpet. It was in between the rows of history books that she had been kissed for the first time when she was supposed to be doing her French homework. And in the back corner of the reading room in the frayed lime green armchair where she had cried softly after the first time she had been dumped. All of the desks and bookshelves had been removed but she could still sense them there, and all the space they had taken up. Especially the desk she sat at for days and weeks while applying to colleges and universities. The desk where she learned that she had been accepted to her top-choice university at the same time her best friend was also accepted.

In a way, it was fitting that her childhood space was being demolished the weekend before her adulthood would officially begin. She left for college, two states away, tomorrow. And as she looked on as the first round of dynamite was detonated, she hoped the new library that would be erected here would be a space for a new generation to grow and learn, too.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

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  1. The town library had been like a second home to her. She had fallen in love with it the first time her mother took her to check out her first book. Even though her teachers at school had made her feel like she had hope for her future, the library was somewhere where she found peace, and could lose herself in all kinds of stories!
    Her first book report was on Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. She found close friends in Christopher Robin, Pooh, and all the sweet and lovable characters of the Hundred Acre Wood. Her teacher gave her an A, and it was her first time being able to read her report in front of the class!
    By the time she turned 10, she could walk to the library on her own. She began to discover the rich mysteries of Nancy Drew! Even though the series had been something her aunt grew up with on television, she found the books to be challenging! She loved the opportunity to solve the case before she finished the final chapter!
    Reaching junior high brought new challenges, including hoping to get asked to the class dance by the cutest boy in school. Her hopes were crushed when he asked her nemesis, Kelly Moore! She had an ongoing feud with Kelly, and trying to put an end to it only saw Kelly get nastier! She retreated to the comfortable chairs in the back room, and cried while she read “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Anna!:”
    The next two years saw her lose her braces, get contact lenses, and grow by another 6 inches. Her English and Math teachers encouraged her to look into the Honors courses in high school. She received numerous academic awards, and got asked to the 8th grade dance by a boy she once thought of as the biggest nerd in school. He had grown by 9 inches!
    The sweet lady who was the head librarian had retired, and the new librarian was a very nice lady in her 30’s. She had managed to get through most of the classics, and her favorite was “Little Women”, “Little Men”, and “Jo’s Boys”! Her counselor told her that her profile was impressive, and the honors courses would be challenging, but prepare her for college.
    Her literature teacher was a tall, handsome man with glasses, and he introduced her to Shakespeare. The sonnets and plays held one emotional and intellectual experience after another. The librarian was always eager to help her find various classic authors and poets, and the Friday readings to the elementary students was always great, especially when she was asked to be a guest reader!
    She had managed to complete her first research paper just before Winter Break, and the news came that the furnace had given out! It would probably take most of the 2-week break to fix the furnace, and the city maintenance department completed it just before New Year’s Eve. The librarian confided in her that the library had become more expensive than the city council could afford. They were hoping to pass a bond next year to rebuild.
    Her PSAT exam in March went better than she hoped, so her counselor called her in one week prior to summer break. She grinned as she told her she had qualified for the NMSAT next spring! The news stunned her, but her counselor assured her that there were plenty of study guides in the library to help her prepare! Her parents were elated, and surprised her with a car for her birthday!
    That summer saw her working at the library during the day, which helped with her studying for the NMSAT exam. She was able to pass her lifeguard certification test at the YMCA, and she used her weekends to work at the country club as a lifeguard. The head librarian and she got along like sisters, but news of a bond proposal gave them both hope for the place they called a second home!
    Since she had received college credit for the honors courses, she only went to school until noon. The rest of the days were committed to working at the library and assisting her parents with renovating the house. February saw her take the NMSAT exam, and she felt apprehensive afterwards! The head librarian assured her that her grades and GPA would be more than enough to help her get grants and scholarships.
    May brought the good news of the bond being passed. The old library would be temporarily relocated, while the structure was torn down. The new building would probably be done by the end of the summer, just in time for me to head off to college. I had managed to apply for grants, scholarships, and no less that 30 universities during my many happy hours in the library. Now, my position was gone, but I was waiting for news from several schools.
    Finally, two weeks before graduation, I was called to the counselor for the last time. She proudly handed me my NMSAT certificate, stating that I would have all tuition and fees paid wherever I chose to attend! I was stunned, but quickly recovered when she told me that I had been accepted at 10 of my choices!
    Commencement was terrific, and I was hugged by friends and teachers afterward. I was pleasantly surprised when our valedictorian took me behind the bleachers and kissed me! My parents came with me to the demolition/ground breaking ceremony of my second home, the library I had come to love. College was waiting, and when I left, the new library was opened! Life has a way of coming full-circle!

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