Today’s Writing Prompt:

Imagine you’re a pre-teen at summer camp and you hear an unusual noise in the woods while you’re sitting around a campfire with your bunkmates. Write about what you hear and what happens after you hear the noise.

Tip for completing today’s writing prompt:

For this writing prompt, write from the first-person perspective. Try to write at least three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, set the scene. Write about what you are feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling, etc. In the second paragraph, write about the noise you hear. What does it sound like? Does anyone else hear it? In the third paragraph, write about what you do after you hear the noise. Do you freeze or run? Do you tell a scary story around the campfire about what you heard? Keep in mind that you’re a pre-teen in this scenario you’re writing about, so write about what you think a pre-teen would do.