Today’s Writing Prompt: A Secret is revealed

Write a scene with two characters in it. One character is trying to keep a secret from the other character but is on the fence about doing so… until one of the last paragraphs you write for this scene. Try to write at least four paragraphs for this writing prompt. Also, keep in mind that the secret could be revealed in a way that doesn’t necessarily involve it being voluntarily revealed by the secret keeper (i.e. overheard whispers, a text that is accidentally read…).

Tip for completing today’s writing prompt:

For this writing prompt, the first paragraph can set up the characters and scene. The second paragraph can show the uncertainty of the character with the secret, showing them debating whether they should reveal the secret or not. In the third paragraph, the secret is revealed somehow, even if involuntarily by the secret keeper. And the fourth paragraph can display the initial fallout that occurs once the secret has been revealed.