Today’s Writing Prompt: A blurb of self-help

For today’s writing prompt, write about a protagonist who is in a library searching for helpful life resources. They’re not in a good place in their life and are trying to find books for advice on how to deal with their particular situation. They’re adamant, however, about not turning to any self-help books… at first. Eventually, they find the exact book they need for their particular situation at the library, and it’s a self-help book. Write the blurb found on the dust jacket of this book, and be sure to create a title for the book, as well.

Tip for completing today’s writing prompt:

As you complete today’s writing prompt, consider the situation your protagonist is seeking help for and what the title of the book is that they eventually stumble upon. Are they going through a divorce, applying to colleges, or attempting to declutter their house, for example? Make sure the blurb is directly related to what they’re experiencing so that it catches their attention.