Write a Letter of Love, Admiration, or Solace

Valentine’s Day is this coming Sunday. You know, it’s that overly-commercialized time of year to give and receive chocolates and flowers and cards and jewelry and other cheesy, materialistic gifts that no one ever really needs or knows what to do with, but still kinda wants. If we’re all being truly honest with ourselves, we all want a Valentine, or to at least be seen and acknowledged by a loved one or a love interest, on this overly commercialized holiday. Yes—even as we roll our eyes and mock the drugstore shelves filled with fake cherry red candy and hot pink faux velvet boxes and plastic commodities. 

Why? Because whether we like it or not, the very idea of love and affection is still “in the air” on this thrilling day for lovers and annoying day for coveters, every year. There is no way to avoid it. So, I say, why not use it to our creative writing advantage anyway, eh? 


Write Your Own Inaugural Address or Poem for 2021

I’ve been reflecting on Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, and the entire inaugural event really, for the past week or so. And it got me wondering: what would I put in my own inaugural speech or poem for 2021? What would I include in it or exclude from it? If I were offered an opportunity to address the nation at this specific time in history, what would I say? 

What about you? If you were afforded the opportunity to address the nation right now, in a widely televised event that a majority of citizens and the rest of the world were watching, what would you say? What would be in the text of your speech or inaugural poem?


Write Your Own Political Manifesto, Treatise, or Pamphlet

I have been taking a much closer look at notable documents written around the time of the American Revolution, like Common Sense and The Federalist Papers. At the same time, I’ve been exploring the books, articles, people, and institutions that have contributed to my own political education, and therefore my own political philosophy and identity.

My most recent batch of reading and research has made me wonder: If I were to write my own political manifesto, treatise, or pamphlet today, what would it look like? And who would I want to read it? 

What about you? If you were to write your own political manifesto, treatise, or pamphlet today, what would it say? And who would you want to read it?