The day I quit …

Do you remember a time when you officially decided to quit doing something? Well, today’s writing prompt will help you channel your maybe not-so-pleasant memories into memorable fiction.

Check out my completed version of today’s writing prompt in today’s post, too; it’s called The Day I Quit Drinking.

capitol building dome

Writing Prompt: January 6th Testimony

Today’s writing prompt is not for the faint of heart. As you complete this writing prompt, although you’ll be writing fiction, you’ll envision what it would be like to offer key testimony during the January 6th Hearings.

See my completed version of this writing prompt in the post; it’s fiction and it’s called A Poll Worker’s Testimony.

woman with bionic leg

It’s All Downhill Now

Today’s writing prompt is about overcoming a physical challenge. When completing this writing prompt, be sure to avoid ableist terminology. And try to focus on important personal wins your main character has. Keep scrolling to see my completed version of this writing prompt, It’s All Downhill Now.

paint with brushes

A New Painting

If you’re not a painter, but still incredibly creative, you’ve probably had the desire to paint at some point, even if you’ve never held a paintbrush in your hand before. Well, with today’s writing prompt, you can try to paint … with your words, at least.

See today’s full writing prompt in the post, as well as my completed version of the writing prompt which I titled, A Maltese in the Pond.

top secret

Personalizing Headlines About Agency Secrets

Have you ever read a news headline and thought it could be converted into an excellent work of fiction? Well, today’s writing prompt is based on a news headline from the other week. And it’s almost as if it was written for a spy film about agency secrets.