Who has had the greatest influence on your political education? Make a list.

As I am working on my book project about the current socio-political climate, I have come across a lot of different written and artistic works, and viewpoints. Some of them have been a lot more thought-provoking than others, while some have been more emotionally charged than others. And I am grateful for the variety of perspectives available out there. Discovering diverse and varied perspectives helps me better formulate and articulate my own perspectives, as well as better understand the political world in which I live. 

Which well-known philosophers, activists, writers, artists, or politicians have had the greatest influence on how you view politics or political engagement over the years, for better or worse? Who has been able to change how you view things, or what you thought you knew, for better or worse?


What has contributed to your political education and identity?

In my last post, Understanding Political Identities. And Other Questions, I shared some insight into my own political identity and history and asked quite a few questions. Hopefully, it spurred some helpful reflection and dialogue. 

This post will focus on one question in particular which I hope you, dear reader, consider in earnest.