gender roles and writing

On gendered perspectives in writing

Is it wrong to write from the perspective of a gender you don’t identify with? Meaning, if I identify as a woman, is it wrong to write a first-person narrative from the perspective of a man? Or a man to write from the perspective of a woman? Or a non-binary person from the perspective of a man or a woman? Here’s a quick note on gendered perspectives in writing.

extrovert introvert blocks

Are most writers introverts?

Reading about, writing about, relating to, discrediting, and mocking MBTI personality types is all the rage these days. There’s even a Geico commercial out right now mocking them. –You know the commercial that has a woman in a diner telling the gecko that she is an introvert, which is rare (*cue the intended sarcasm*)?– Regardless, I have a theory about writers when it comes to personality types…

Assertiveness vs Aggression in writing

Assertiveness vs aggression in writing

When we learn to write essays or anything that’s not fiction, we’re instructed to write in the third person, matter-of-factly. We’re taught to substantiate any claims or opinions we include in our writing with expert evidence or resources written by experts. We are more or less instructed to practice assertiveness in our writing. Nowadays, however, it seems writers are conflating and confusing assertiveness with aggression when they write– especially writers who publish their work online. Why some writers do this may not be confusing. But understanding how writers conflate and confuse assertiveness and aggression in their writing might be. Alas, it’s important to pause for a moment and reflect on assertiveness vs aggression in writing.