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Write An Article About Billionaires In Space

Today’s Writing Prompt: Write An Article About Billionaires In Space 

Last week, a couple of billionaires were in space. And the rest of us mere mortals on Earth have been conflicted about it ever since —which is why we need to write about it and have dialogues about it. Today, as you write an article about billionaires in space, try to focus on addressing this question: Do you think that billionaires’ galactic efforts are ultimately helping or hurting the efforts of the rest of us humans here on Earth? 

In other words, the title of this recent Washington Post article captures this conundrum we’re experiencing perfectly: Billionaires in space: The launch of a dream or just out-of-this-world ego?

Write About The Pegasus Project And Surveillance_Blog

Write About The Pegasus Project And Surveillance

Today’s Writing Prompt: Write About The Pegasus Project And Surveillance 

Today, write about your thoughts and feelings on the recent Pegasus spyware controversy, and how the spyware was used to hack into the smartphones of journalists and activists worldwide. And consider our current age of surveillance in general. 

What level of surveillance do you think should be present in a “free” society? Who do you think should be surveilling whom? 


Musings: President Joe Biden’s Inaugural Address

Joe Biden’s inaugural address was one filled with sincere hope and held a sincere call for unity. And it also offered a realistic view of the challenges that Americans face today and the road we now have before us. 

Here are a few lines from the address that struck me as important to remember for many years to come. Today I just want to reflect on them and what they mean. Tomorrow, I’ll offer some annotations.


Regarding Tomorrow’s Inaugural Event

Tomorrow, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America. And Kamala Harris will be sworn in as Vice President of the United States of America. She will also be the first woman and first woman or person of color to be elected to the office of Vice President in our nation’s history.  

I’ll be tuning in to see the coverage of the historic event and hear everyone’s speeches and addresses. I’ll also attempt to continue to process a lot of what’s been going on over the past few weeks. To say that there’s been a lot going on lately in the U.S. is a gross understatement. 


Musings: One Week After the Insurrection of the U.S. Capitol

A week ago yesterday, hundreds of individuals formed a violent mob and entered the U.S. Capitol building by force in the afternoon as Congress assembled to address the vote count for the 2020 presidential election that declared Joe Biden the next president of the United States of America. I’m still attempting to process my thoughts and feelings around the unprecedented and terrifying event and what I witnessed. And all I can come up with at the moment is a list of images and statements that are forever seared in my memory and a list of questions and concerns to consider. I feel as if I am still in limbo, processing this event and what it means, as well as what it portends.