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Thoughts on Trump’s Indictment and Arrest

Whether youโ€™re a fan of Donald Trump or not, you canโ€™t deny the historic significance of his indictment and arrest on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. It’s not every day that you see a sitting or former U.S. president arrested. And thereโ€™s a lot to process when considering his arrest, but also not, at the same time. Simply put, in the U.S., no one is above the law. Although, U.S. law is constantly evolving in a more equitable and logical direction, or should be, if itโ€™s to stand the test of time.

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About not celebrating the Fourth this year

For the last few days, I’ve seen a few hashtags online calling for people, especially women, in the United States to denounce what the Fourth of July represents. They’ve been urging people to refrain from celebrating the Fourth this year. At first, I thought this was incredibly unpatriotic. It made me sick to my stomach and a little angry if I’m being honest. In the end, however, my drive to understand what this campaign to denounce the Fourth of July was all about won out. Here’s a brief overview of what I uncovered. And questions for you to consider, as well. Be sure to read the post to the very end. You might be surprised.

Roe v Wade Write

RE Roe v Wade: Time to write it out

I’m still processing the fact that Roe v Wade was overturned yesterday by the US Supreme Court. No, I’m not surprised–we did have fair warning after all– just processing everything. I’m going to “write it out” as I figure out what to do next, if you will, and you should too. It’s time to channel anger into practical and formidable action. And writing offers the best medium in which to do this.

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Focus on local and state government if you value your sanity

Today the legislative session for the state I live in, Colorado, is coming to an end. And this has me reflecting on the often-overlooked significance of local and state government. I know we’re all a little (or a lot) disgruntled with government nowadays. I am not naive. But read this post and hear me out. And consider why it can help you, and us all, to focus on local and state government issues to stay sane right now. Especially if you’re writing about anything relevant to the current world in which we live.

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5 ways overturning Roe v. Wade could help pro-choicers

First, let me make it clear that I am 100% for abortion access for all women, and a woman’s fundamental right to choose. However, I do believe there is some good that could come out of the US Supreme Court overturning its previous ruling on Roe v. Wade if it does indeed come to that. Even though I don’t want it to come to that! Below are five ways overturning Roe v. Wade could help pro-choicers. And a little bit about how this news is relevant to my current book project.


A Diplomatic Life

Here’s my book review for Marie Yovanovitch’s new memoir Lessons from the Edge. It’s a must read for every American. Or individual who believes in, or needs to believe in, the power of diplomacy and sincere integrity again. And who needs to feel hopeful about current goings-on in our world, in the midst of Putin’s destructive reach. She truly lead and continues to lead, a diplomatic life.