painting a mural

Creating a Timeless Mural

Today’s writing prompt, Creating a Timeless Mural, will allow you to further develop your exposition writing skills. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it. And donโ€™t forget toย submit your writingย by the end of the day for any of the writing prompts posted on the blog. You could win the Writing is My Therapy Journal from theย Shop for Writers.

tortured artist

A tortured artist is a myth. No?

Why do people, especially the young and those in academia, idolize those supposed “tortured artists” who are hopeless, anxious, overly analytical, suicidal, and, well… depressed and depressing? Are depressed artists capable of expressing anything more profound because they’re sad or conflicted? Are they expressing anything unique about humankind and the world because they’re expressing themselves more gloomily?

Is there such thing as a tortured artist? No. This is a myth that needs to go.