After reading Infinite Country, I will read anything Patricia Engel writes. So, this book was already on my radar in 2023. And it’s no surprise it was a five-star read for me…

I still can’t get over how awestruck I get at her writing and how it invites me to sit down and savor every word on the page.

This book of short stories is as equally breathtakingly raw as it is subtly profound. Engel has the extraordinary ability to create a very real and palpable space for the liminal and in between, creating an achingly real essence of brutal hope and beauty and place and humanity. Through her writing, the far-away worlds exist. And we’re better for it. We need books like hers.

It should also be said that the collection itself was masterfully assembled. While each story is very different in its own right, they all make sense as a collection, each woven with seemingly effortless storytelling and a singular power and purpose. I cannot recommend her writing and this book enough.

Here’s the summary of The Faraway World on Goodreads. And here’s where you can find more of my reviews and connect with me on Goodreads:

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