First, let me say that The Climate Book is important and is worth the read. And everyone should pick it up and read it, or skim through it, at least. It wasn’t, however, everything that it was projected to be. And left me wanting more… but not in a good way, unfortunately.

Overall, The Climate Book covers some of the critical data and arguments surrounding current climate science (which is still in its infancy, really). However, many of the chapters have redundant information, to the point that I was starting to tune out while I was reading the book– which is terrible to say, but it’s true. A lot of what is in the book could have been condensed into less than 100 pages, and would have had a greater impact that way. It’s only the fifth part of the book that tells us much about what should happen now when it comes to our world and its climate.

If you aren’t too familiar with climate science, take your time reading the whole book. If you are familiar with climate science, you can easily skim the first four parts of the book and focus on the fifth part of the book.

Another thing that irked me about this book was that I thought Greta would have the central voice in this book (which is a strong one!) and that it would be more about advocacy and what she has to say. Honestly, I thought she would shake things up. Instead, the subject matter, and her voice, were toned down too much and made the typical error books and reports about climate science do– they made dire extraordinarily important information about our planet boring, very boring. It hurts me to say this, but it’s true. And now is not the time to tone down what we have to say about climate science!

In addition, whoever formatted the book shouldn’t have put Greta’s sections on dark pages with a dark font. I actually have decent eyesight with my contacts, so if I was struggling to read these sections (the only sections I really wanted to read, honestly), then those who have poor eyesight certainly are.

My Rating: # 3 out of 5 Stars

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