Green Dot by Madeleine Gray is a novel I won’t forget any time soon. It takes the hard-to-see meta realities of our world (because we’re immersed in and living them) and dwindles them down into tangible bits we can consume in a highly digestible and very readable narrative.

At first, you will question whether you should root for or abhor the protagonist, Hera (whose name is worth noting and considering for a beat). But you will ultimately find yourself tangled in her humor and close relationships and relatable real-world struggles, especially if you graduated from college after 2000. Who from that generation of grads hasn’t worked a thankless, soul-sucking job with no real purpose or adequate compensation, all while feeling alone and lost to some degree, like the protagonist?

Getting wrapped up in Hera’s personal relationship with Arthur, who is much older than her and married, is also easy to do, oddly enough. Even for the most ‘moral’ among us. While you know the whole time you’re reading that the outcome of their relationship is likely predictable, there is so much relatable hope and longing, via Hera, that keeps you hooked and reading– offering an experience like one might encounter when reading a suspenseful novel. Sure, Hera might be disgruntled and lost, but there is hope and longing underneath her outer veneer… as is represented by Arthur and all he represents (stable respectable career and reputation, good income, marriage, family…) and the green dot.

The green dot that appears next to Arthur’s name when Hera is messaging him on social media represents her hope for a deeper connection with not only Arthur, but with other humans, and ultimately with the world she lives in as a whole. A connection she likely ends up finding once the dot fades, and she stops seeking it… although that is left up to interpretation in the end. I would love to hear more about what other readers think of the green dot and what it symbolizes, especially regarding capitalism and other things this generation is consumed by.

Also, did I mention that this novel is hilarious? I laughed out loud a lot, especially as I read the first few parts.

Overall, I would recommend this novel to Lit Nerds, the entire millennial generation, and those who enjoy narratives with complex and interesting characters who are still relatable.

Note: I received an ARC Ebook version of this novel through Net Galley.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

For more information about this novel, see the summary of Green Dot by Madeleine Gray on Goodreads.

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