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Attn: Iโ€™m working on a novel.

For the past few weeks, Iโ€™ve been working on the outline for my first novel! Itโ€™s turning into a culmination of a lot of ideas and feelings Iโ€™ve been having for the past few years or soโ€“ ideas and feelings about the world weโ€™re all living in right now. Donโ€™t worry, Iโ€™ll try my best to make sure it isnโ€™t too depressing in the end. Or depressing at all, for that matter. Who needs more of that right now? But my novel still wonโ€™t avoid confronting the real world in which we find ourselves right now. Wish me luck in pulling this off!ย 

I’m working on a novel now. Follow my progress by following this blog.

tortured artist

A tortured artist is a myth. No?

Why do people, especially the young and those in academia, idolize those supposed “tortured artists” who are hopeless, anxious, overly analytical, suicidal, and, well… depressed and depressing? Are depressed artists capable of expressing anything more profound because they’re sad or conflicted? Are they expressing anything unique about humankind and the world because they’re expressing themselves more gloomily?

Is there such thing as a tortured artist? No. This is a myth that needs to go.

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What makes you a good writer?

The vocation of writing entails equal parts torture and triumph. It is sometimes a blessing … and sometimes a curse. At least, if you’re doing it right and have a somewhat healthy sense of self.

Today, assume that your compulsion to write is a blessing. And, even if only momentarily, assume that you are “good” at what you do. Then ask yourself: what makes your writing yours? What makes you “good” at writing, or what makes you a good writer, whatever that’s supposed to mean?