On this page, you’ll find more information about Daily Drafts & Dialogues and how you can start writing for good today. You’ll also find information about its founder, K.E. Creighton.

About Daily Drafts & Dialogues

Daily writing prompts for writing with a purpose, for a purpose. 

Daily Drafts & Dialogues is about writing. For good. 

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This blog is for writers, thinkers, activists, poets, artists, academics, researchers, concerned citizens, and anyone else who wants to think about, write about, and discuss what matters most in the world right now. 

It’s time we all start writing about what matters, intentionally, without always being reactive or aspiring toward only writing superficial, negatively charged clickbait. Let’s face it. Even notable publications are guilty of churning out clickbait articles nowadays. And we can all sense the toll this is taking on us, individually and collectively. 

Let’s start writing about what matters. Discussing what matters. And start feeling like we’re in this together. 

The Daily Drafts & Dialogues blog and each writing prompt in it will encourage you to uncover your own thoughts and feelings about what’s going on in the world so you can have meaningful dialogues with others who are doing the same thing. The Forum on this page is a good place to start having these dialogues, as well as social media.

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About K.E. Creighton

Founder of Daily Drafts & Dialogues

K.E. Creighton

K.E. Creighton is a writer who questions things as they are and stories as they seem, endlessly searching for noteworthy narratives and concepts. 

Never pretentious. Rarely conventional. Occasionally poetic. Often philosophical. Always human. 

100% INFJ.

She’s committed to writing for good, which is why she created the Daily Drafts & Dialogues blog. 

Some of K.E. Creighton’s Philosophies

On Writing: Always start writing with a vital question in mind, or to better understand an emotional state. The best writing usually necessitates combining these two elements with great discretion and diplomacy, regardless of what is being written.

On Reading: Everything read can inspire something that still needs to be written, as long as it’s read with the appropriate attitude.

On Life: Be curious, not judgmental. Always leave more than you take. And carpe diem.

Modus Operandi: Question and appreciate everything in equal measure.

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