About K.E. Creighton

K.E. Creighton

K.E. Creighton is a writer who questions things as they are and stories as they seem, endlessly searching for noteworthy narratives and concepts. 

Never pretentious. Rarely conventional. Occasionally poetic. Often philosophical. Always human. 

100% INFJ.

K.E. Creighton’s Philosophies

On Writing: Always start writing with a vital question in mind or to better understand an emotional state. The best writing usually necessitates combining these two elements with great discretion and diplomacy, regardless of what’s written.

On Reading: Everything read can inspire something that still needs to be written, as long as it’s read with the appropriate attitude.

On Life: Be curious, not judgmental. Always leave more than you take. And carpe diem.

Modus Operandi: Question and appreciate everything in equal measure.

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