Today’s writing prompt requires you to dream a little, dear writer. Hopefully, it keeps you motivated to write for the rest of the week. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: A Writer’s Dream

Today, write a scene in a dream that a writer is having. You can write in the first or third person. But be sure to write in the present tense. Most importantly, whatever you write, end it with the sentence, “And then [enter desired pronoun] wakes up.”

Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

Dreaming of The Lakeside Library, by K.E. Creighton

It’s dawn. The accordion glass doors are wide open and I hear the birds starting to stir outside. I’m sipping my hazelnut coffee while sitting on the ivory-colored sofa at The Lakeside Library, enjoying the crisp morning air as it wraps around me. I watch as the thin layer of dew on top of the lake in the near distance slowly evaporates as the sun rises and the breeze gently rustles the leaves of the large oak trees outside.

Once the sun barely hovers over the lake, I write for hours in the calm hum of nature surrounding me and don’t stop until the heat outside becomes too strong and it’s time for lunch.

And then, I wake up.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

Notes on Completing this Writing Prompt

My completed version of today’s writing prompt was inspired by a place I still dream about, The Lakeside Library, which I wrote about for these two writing prompts: My Ideal Personal Library and A Writer’s Retreat.

If you complete this writing prompt, share your draft by tagging #DailyDraftsAndDialogues and @kecreighton on Medium, WordPress, or Facebook.

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  1. Frank had been through the worst day of his life. He had eaten the poorly prepared eggs and bacon, just because his daughter was taking a cooking class and wanted to practice for a big contest. Frank offered his helpful comments, like maybe don’t add sugar next time, and remember to make sure the bacon has brown sugar on it, not cumin!
    He kissed her, and realized her recipe for holiday breakfasts had been partially obscured by his toddler son and his crayon creation. He picked up Frank, Jr. and kissed him, and calmed down Mary before she scolded him. He assured her that this particular breakfast was the only one she had ever made that wasn’t delicious. Her smile and assurance was all he needed.
    His wife, Meg, was trying to hurry to meet her carpool. Just as she was going out the door, he cellphone rang, telling her Nancy had the flu. Frank assured her he would take her to work, since it was only a mile out of my way. He swallowed the last gulp of coffee, and met Meg at the door.
    Frank dropped her at the office, and went on to work. he felt a slight bump as he pulled into his space in the parking garage. As Frank checked, he discovered a nail in the rear passenger side tire. Frank called AAA and they assured him someone would be there in 2 hours. The receptionist waved good morning, and reminded Frank it was his turn to be Santa for the office Christmas party. Frank gave her a nod, and grabbed some candy from the dish as he hurried upstairs.
    His assistant told him that his three clients were all lined up for the entire morning. Frank told her to give him 15 minutes to come up to speed, and she promised him solitude. As he reread the files, he felt prepared for the clients. Then, his boss asked him to come into his office. Frank cringed, but straightened his tie and headed down the hallway.
    He closed the door, and Peter smiled as he told him that his latest client was ready to sign for a retainer worth 2 million per year! Peter thought of Nicholas Wright, a man of 75, in great health, and mostly concerned about a living will for his grandson. his only living heir. I mentioned to Peter that a living will would only run him about $1000. Peter said that Mr. Wright like me enough to transfer POA to me.
    Frank asked if this was okay with the grandson, and Peter said the grandson called and demanded to contest the POA. Then, he was told the grandson was an attorney! Frank saw a very long morning in the making, and told Peter he would need to get a signature from Mr. Wright. Peter told him the partners had already done so.
    Frank knew that as the only living heir, the grandson would have some say in the POA, but if Mr. Wright was proven sane, his grandson could not contest the POA. He called Dr. Simpson, and asked him to put Mr. Wright through a complete mental screening. Dr. Simpson got permission from the family doctor. and said he would call me after lunch with the results.
    Frank’s other meetings went well, The AAA driver replaced his spare tire, and billed his insurance. Frank had a quick lunch, and went to the costume store to be fitted for his Santa costume. He asked if Mary could bake up some Christmas cookies for the office party, and the secretary heading it up thought it was a great idea. The call from Dr. Simpson assured him that Mr. Wright was completely sane. However, the family doctor wanted to meet with him regarding his grandson, Steve Wright.
    The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Robbins. Frank immediately showed him a copy of the POA, and the doctor mentioned that it was not a HIPAA violation to mention that Steve had once attempted to swindle Mr. Wright. This resulted in Mr. Wright trying to make sure his grandson received his trust fund, but not one penny more.
    Frank was very concerned that Steve may try to come after him or the law firm for any number of violations. He thanked Dr. Robbins, and took his update to Peter. Peter called the partners together, and found out that Steve Wright had been accused of multiple violations for overcharging clients. His license was in the process of being revoked by the judicial review board.
    Feeling better, Frank called Mr. Wright, and assured him the POA was proper, and his estate could be given out as he saw fit. Mr. Wright asked to meet with him on Christmas Eve, and Frank decided to ask him to the office party. He said he would be happy to attend.
    The padding was substantial, but Frank managed to get the Santa costume to fit. He made his entrance and handed out presents for about 45 minutes, As he went back and changed into his suit, he met his wife and kids in the hall. They all went into the banquet room and sang carols with the group. Mary had baked up 5 dozen cookies, but she had made a special one almost the size of a quarter-sheet cake. She told me it was for Mr. Wright.
    Meg told me that Mr. Wright had often visited the children’s hospital, and had supported multiple charities and causes around town. Mary wrote a big “Merry Christmas, Mr. Wright” on the cookie in red frosting. He looked up to see Mr. Wright entering the party, and invited him over to meet the partners and his family.
    Mr. Wright hugged my wife and said he had always thought of her as his daughter. She smiled and gave the special cookie to him. Then, Steve Wright appeared in the door. He was waving a gun around, and told everyone to freeze. He demanded to meet the main attorney who signed the POA, and Frank stepped forward just as he hid his family behind the massive Christmas tree.
    Frank assured him that this would change nothing. Steve accused him of conning his grandfather to get the retainer and control of his estate. Mr. Wright had slowly made his way through a side door, and managed to sneak up behind Steve. Frank was scared for Mr. Wright, but the pan that held Mary’s cookie came up slowly, and popped Steve Wright across the head.
    Security collected Steve Wright, and Mary rushed forward to embrace Frank and Mr. Wright. The partners all agreed to testify against Steve Wright, and the party continued as Frank and his family took Mr. Wright back to his car. Mr. Wright kissed the children on the forehead and thanked Mary for the lovely Christmas cookie.
    Frank shook himself awake, and realized it had all been a dream. He showered and went downstairs, and was shocked to meet Meg’s godfather, Steve Robbins! Steve was the coordinator of the fundraiser for the new Children’s Burn Unit. Amazing how Steve Robbins looked just like Mr. Wright!

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