Today’s post, A Memory: A Poem, is based on a writing prompt I shared last week in the Daily Drafts & Dialogues Writers group. Hopefully, it helps spur your creativity today too.

Writing Prompt: A Memory, A Poem

Write a poem about one of your favorite memories to date. You can write any type of poem you want, as long as the poem is based on a real memory of yours.

Road Trip by K.E. Creighton

Windows halfway down. Crisp summer air tousling our hair. Charged by vibrant energy of renewal. Constant movement. Wheels and eyes. Heavy eyes. And light hearts. For the time. Being.

Dreaming of a future that only lives in that moment. Not caring much about the blurry road ahead. Listening to stories of love and loss and twinkly lights. Laughing until we were full. To the brim. Almost ready to begin. Again.

Distance closing. Heart to heart. For once. Just us. Amidst the persistent median. Trees and trucks blazing by. Through the busy night. In steady haste. Long enough to feel frozen. In time. We arrived. At our final destination. Where the journey faded past the dawning light. Too precarious and fickle. Fate.

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