Today’s writing prompt, A Dog Finds a Home, should be uplifting. Keep reading to see the full writing prompt and my completed version of it.

Today’s Writing Prompt: A Dog Finds a Home

Today write a scene about a dog that finds a new home, and then something remarkable that happens after.

My Completed Version of Today’s Writing Prompt

Milo by K.E. Creighton

One day we opened our front door after it rang, and there he was. He was sitting on the stoop staring at me with his big brown eyes and droopy ears. I swear he was smiling, too, even though Jim still says that’s not possible. Dogs can’t ring doorbells either, of course, but there was no one standing there with him. And once I opened the door all the way, Milo just waltzed right into the house like he owned the place and laid down on the rug in the living room, and took a long nap.

Anyway, we called around and knocked on neighbors’ doors for weeks and no one claimed him. You see, we always adored Milo, since that first day. It was hard not to adore him. He was so gentle and funny. But I had just had Bernice, our first baby, and we were so sleep-deprived and not sure it would be fair to keep Milo because we couldn’t really pay too much attention to him then. Luckily, he was easy and never complained as long as he got his walk to the park each day and could sleep in Bernice’s room at night.

One day, a few weeks after Milo arrived, Bernice was in her bassinet taking a nap and I had conked out in the chair next to her on accident. Eventually, I woke up to Milo staring at the bassinet whimpering loudly, which he never did. Turns out, Bernice had stopped breathing in her sleep. And I would have never known if it weren’t for him. Milo saved her life that day.

Bernice is a few years older now and she and Milo run around together like two peas in a pod making a mess. I’m still not sure how he ended up with us, but I swear it’s as if the stork delivered him to our baby girl that day. What a wonderful mystery.

[All Rights Reserved by K.E. Creighton and Creighton’s Compositions LLC. The above work is a piece of fiction. All names and locations referred to are the product of the author’s imagination and are used entirely for fictional purposes. Any similarities to real-life persons or places are purely coincidental.]

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